15 Genius Items to Organize Your Kitchen You can Get on Amazon!

How to Organize your Kitchen, How to Organize Your Kitchen Countertops, and How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers. These Items can all be purchased on Amazon to figure out the Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen.

How to Organize your Kitchen, How to Organize Your Kitchen Countertops, and How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers. These Items can all be purchased on Amazon to figure out the Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen

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If you thrive on having an Organized Kitchen, you’ll love all these items to help keep your kitchen in tip top shape! I’ve compiled a list of genius items to Organize Your Kitchen that you can order on Amazon so you don’t have to hunt for them all around town!

15  Items to Buy on Amazon to Organize Your Kitchen

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1.) StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack

When we moved I came across this genius way to organize my cutting boards, cookie sheets and other baking pans. What I love about this set, is that you can adjust the width with 7 dividers to fit your items perfectly! This rack also has non slip feet that will keep it from sliding around in your cabinet.

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2.) Magnetic Shelves

Add extra storage space easily! These shelves require no hardware and just simply attach by a strong magnet on the back! I thought these would be perfect for home, RV, Dorms, Laundry Rooms and more! Store spices, cleaners, jars and more! I love the hooks that you can hang utensils, coffee cups and more!

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3.) Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Another super helpful organization tool for your kitchen, these stackable shelves add so much space in your cabinets! I have stackable shelves in many of my kitchen cabinets and have dishes stacked on them and my cabinets look so organized and neat! I love that these shelves also expand so you can add length if you have more space!

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4. ) Adjustable Drawer Dividers for Kitchen Drawers and Utility or Junk Drawers

If you are tired of your messy drawers, these drawer organizers with adjustable dividers can help you get that drawer under control again! Perfect for small items to be organized in your kitchen along with that utility drawer or junk drawer many of us have in our kitchen too!

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5.) Stackable Can Rack Organizer

I’ve been wanting to organize my canned goods because right now mine are just stacked on top of each other and I don’t have a great system. I found this rack, which looks like a good way to organize canned goods. I’m also a fan because you can purchase multiple racks and stack them on top of one another.

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6.) Height Adjustable Pot & Pan Organizer Racks

Rather than taking up space for each pan, with a rack like this you can double, triple, or even quadruple your storage! With adjusting racks you can store deep and thin pans on one rack without the possibility of the larger pans not fitting!

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7.) Spice Organizer

I’m sure we all have various ways we do or don’t organize our spices, but I love this idea where you can actually pull out the drawers to see what you have rather than reaching over a tiered stacking method, knocking over other spices or using a turntable and not being able to see all the spices in the back. You can fit larger or smaller bottles of spices in this organizer and because it has a flat top, you can even stack things on top of it!

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8.) Fridge & Freezer Bins

This is a set of 6 bins to create some organized space in your refrigerator and freezer! Because the bins are clear it makes it easy to see what’s inside each bin and therefore not forget what food you have stored so it won’t go bad before you use it up.

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9.) Food Storage Lid Organizer

Keep your lids organized in your cabinets. This organizer will fit up to 12 large lids or 26 small lids.

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10.) Glass Jars

These jars are beautiful and really make a kitchen cabinet, pantry or counter top look super organized! I love that you can see into each jar to know what is in each one.  They can also be used to store baking supplies like flour or sugar! Glass is my favorite way to store items because it doesn’t retain smells!

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11.) Kitchen Wrap Organizer

All my kitchen wrap is dumped into a drawer and it’s hard to find. I love this organizer where I can stack all my wraps and they’d be easy to see.

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12.) Simple Human Sink Caddy

Save sink space by storing sponges and brushes off the countertop. With the ventilation and drip holes your items aren’t sitting in their own water which helps for faster drying and minimizes bacteria, yes please!. I also love the pop out brush holder base to accommodate longer brush handles!

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13.) Spice Packet Organizer

These small clear organizers are perfect for spice packets, powdered drink packets, and more! I was just looking for something to store all of our Crystal Light packets in and I love these! There is a set of 2 of this size available and then other size options also if you’re looking for more clear storage options.

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14.) Diagonal Space Saving Bamboo Drawer and Cabinet Organizer

This is genius. You can store extra long items as well as small or oddly shaped kitchen utensils. You could also use this drawer for other storage uses, but it’s perfect for kitchen drawers. You can also remove slots to customize the drawer.

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15.) Stackable Water Bottle Storage Rack

If you are anything like me you have a lot of water bottles. My kids love water bottles and think they need several! This water bottle holder is the perfect solution to storing water bottles! The way I have mine now if one gets knocked over they all go down! This would eliminate that problem!

How to Organize your Kitchen, How to Organize Your Kitchen Countertops, and How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers. These Items can all be purchased on Amazon to figure out the Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen

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