Target’s Brightroom Is Here to Organize Your Life

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Organizing is made easy with Target’s Brighroom line of intuitive, simple and flexible storage solutions that are designed to be compatible with one another. Find the right place for all your things—and your people’s things—by mixing and matching your way to organizational nirvana. From drawers to decorative baskets, storage bins to desktop organization, Brightroom has a solution for your space. Keep reading for our favorite organizational tools that will get your 2022 off to the right start.

Plastic Bathroom Tray

$4   BUY NOW

Perfect for sorting and storing all of those tiny hairbands, hair clips, dental flossers and jars of pink and purple nail polish, Brightroom bathroom trays can be configured to work with your space and stuff. The best news? It works as beautifully for their drawers as for yours.

Bath Basket Crate

$10   BUY NOW

No matter how organized or tidy your house, there are always those things that just need a home at the end of the day. Meet the solution. Brightroom's basket crates are perfectly sized to slide on a shelf or in a cubby, and you can fill them with dog toys, crafts, hand towels and more.

Over the Door 26 Shelf Mesh Shoe Organizer

$22   BUY NOW

Say goodbye to the piles of shoes by your back door and hello to your new little friend. Whether it's your shoe collection or your kiddo's (why does every sport require a different shoe, anyway?), this is

Pegboard Set

$35   BUY NOW

When paired with the 3 Tier Metal Utility Cart ($35), this Pegboard Set is capable of slaying any work-from-home or virtual-learning challenge you might face in 2022. Or, park it in your mudroom or laundry room, or store crafts in it for a versatile option (just in case the world goes back to normal anytime soon).

Small Space Wall Mounted Drying Rack

$35   BUY NOW

A tool for streamlining laundry? An out-of-the-way place to let your kids' artwork dry or to show off their latest pipe cleaner creations? Sign us up!

Twisted Open Checkered Weave Milk Crate

$17   BUY NOW

Whether your blankets, books or board games need a home, this textured basket with sturdy handles is just right.

Large Metal Underbed Bin

$12   BUY NOW

Hide your extra blankets under your bed, or make a new, efficient storage spot for your child's action figures, LEGO blocks or collection of slime with these long and low storage bins designed to be out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

—Shelley Massey

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