I Swear by This Styling Spray To Give My Lifeless, Flat Hair Instant Volume That Lasts All Day

Working from home has made hiding my dirty hair very, very easy—it’s a lot trickier to spot greasy, unwashed strands on Zoom (bless the filters). I can probably go five days before my head becomes a fire hazard, and I can generally pull it off with some strategic styling (mainly, a high bun, and I’ll only wash my bangs) or throwing on a baseball cap or beanie. But there are days I can’t fake it so easily: Maybe I have an IRL lunch with friends, or my husband and I peeled ourselves off the couch and bought movie tickets (I literally had to rack my brain for instances where I’d actually see other human beings—thanks, pandemic). Whatever the case may be, sometimes I need the hard stuff.

And by that, I mean Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast ($30), a volumizing styling spray that revitalizes lifeless hair in about seven seconds. The formula quickly gives hair texture and lift after a few spritzes—without leaving it feeling heavy or sticky. This is thanks to Living Proof’s Volumizing + Texturizing Molecule, which gives hair volume by creating space between hair fibers.


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Application is simple: Just shake the can and spray from a distance of about 10 inches from your hair. After you section off your hair and spray roots, tousle with your fingers so that the spray really absorbs into your strands. The formula is really buildable, so I’ll even use this right after blow-drying to give it even more volume—all I need is maybe a few spritzes. On days my hair is really flat and weighed down, I won’t be shy with Dry Volume Blast application. (Sometimes, if my hair is really dirty, I’ll spray on some dry shampoo first, so that it soaks up the oil, and then spray this stuff on to give my hair more lift.)

The extra great thing about Dry Volume Blast, is that it plays well with all hair types, and it’s safe to use for color or chemically-treated hair. As a bonus, it offers UV protection (but if you’re going to be outside, we recommend you also apply some SPF for your scalp). It’s especially a great tool for fine or thin hair, since it fakes the appearance of fuller hair without damaging it, and the effect lasts all day long without touch-ups.

There’s a reason why Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast is so beloved by the hair-care community, and you’ll often see it sold out on Sephora or Ulta (especially the travel-sized bottle). One Sephora reviewer writes, “If you have flat/fine hair, this product will be your holy grail. I have flat hair, and spraying this product into my hair post-styling (or even at the roots of unstyled hair!) gives the most amazing sexy-messy look. Bonus: it smells AMAZING!”

Another adds, “I’ve been using this religiously for the last 5 or 6 years. Especially when my hair was longer, it tended to weigh down my crown, so I’d spray into my roots and instant volume! Unlike dry shampoo, this doesn’t make my hair fall flat or create greasy roots. I use between blow drying and curling my hair. Or as a second or third day boost, if needed. It helps to refresh styler hair on those second or third days, with a little going along way.”

So, yeah. Definitely worth the hype and a spot in your bathroom cabinet.

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