How Would You Spend $50 on Tekton Tools?


Our friends over at Tekton sent over a $50 gift certificate over the holiday shopping season (thank you!), but I haven’t spent it yet and could use some ideas.

I bought some Tekton wrenches recently, and also a pliers rack – which I reviewed here. But, I spent cash on those purchases.

Tekton has decent wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, punches, organizers, accessories, and more.

(Hmm, I really like Tekton’s recent hard-handled multi-bit screwdrivers and was looking to pick up individual-size drivers…)

I don’t think I’ve tried any of their recent ratchet and socket sets, so maybe that’s an idea.

They also have a growing assortment of USA-made tools. While I’m set on most everyday types of tools, I have young family members that could benefit from their own new apartment tool kits. Maybe USA-made pliers will serve their needs for decades to come?

Or maybe… impact sockets?

I could spend a higher sum easily. $50? That’s a bit more difficult, as it means I’d have to make some choices.

As I’m still cleaning up and avoiding bringing too many new tools into my workshop and test best, I’m trying not to get too carried away on how I spend it.

Anyway, I need some ideas – what would you buy with a $50 Tekton gift certificate? If you can’t easily think of anything either, are there any Tekton tools you’d like to see reviewed here?

There’s nothing to disclose, aside from the no-strings-attached $50 gift code I was provided with.

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