30 Practical Organization Themed Holiday Gifts for An Organized 2023

The season to find unique and practical gifts for loved ones is upon us. Why not give organization themed holiday gifts this year?  As a Professional Organizer I always cringe a little at this time of year because I know there may be a flood of impractical items entering my home.  The fun side of me loves those moments of joy when opening a funny or thoughtful gift.  But the reality is most gifts are something that we do not need and probably will not use.  That’s why I like to give practical gifts that are useful and have a purpose in our homes for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and more.

This list represents some items I love for keeping life organized throughout the year.  If your family member or friend likes order this list may be for them.  If you are craving order yourself, this as a great reference guide for products I find really useful. Please note this post contains affiliate links.

1. Lazy Susan (Set of 2 $15.99)

This versatile turn table can be used in cabinets to quickly reach oil and vinegars, see canned goods or spices.  You can also put it on a table top with craft supplies in jars and have a fun area for kids to unleash their creativity.

2.  Corner Shower Caddy Tension Organizer $49.99

Most showers do not contain enough storage cubbies to hold soaps and shampoos for the whole family.  This easy to install tension tower will quickly corral all of your items in a neat and organized way.  No more bottles on the side of the tub or on the floor of the shower.

3. Airtight Storage Containers $26.99

If you are looking for a great alternative to higher priced brands for storing food, these airtight storage containers are a great option.  Decanting, or emptying, your boxes of pasta, crackers etc. into this type of storage saves room in your pantry.  It also saves money in your pocket because you can see how much is left in a container before you buy or open a new food product.  Plus, it helps your food last longer.

4. Reusable Shopping Bags

These shopping bags are extremely portable and easy to wash.  If you are looking to create less waste for the environment or avoid being charged for plastic bags in the store, I highly recommend these reusable bags.  They are so compact they fit in my purse or glove compartment so they are always handy.

5. Reusable Produce Bags

Take it a step further with these reusable produce bags.  I store them with my reusable shopping bags.  They are light-weight, easy to clean and much easier to fill than the plastic produce bags at the grocery store.

6. Collapsible Utility Totes – $29.99

Utility totes are so versatile. I use them in so many ways.  Trunk organizer, laundry basket, toting around kid’s toys, beach tote, bringing gifts to family on the holidays and more.  Use it as a gift basket to add your other gifts and your recipient will have a practical reusable gift bag this season.

7. Plastic Jar Lids – $10.99

Mason Jars are one of my favorite organizing tools as well as food storage products.  We use them to store spices, dry beans and nuts in our kitchen.  In our toy room they store markers, pens, pencils and rulers.  I love these reusable plastic lids to convert them to an easy to open storage container.  We like to use dry erase markers on the lids to label the contents.

8. Bamboo Drawer Dividers – $26.99

Nothing makes a drawer look more upgraded than with wooden drawer dividers.  They are a classic organizing tool for drawers in your bathroom, kitchen or junk drawer.  With so many sizes and styles to choose from you can make any drawer look custom.

9. Pot & Pan Rack – $17.97

I love this rack for storing my frying pans.  They easily slide on and off, maximize the vertical space in a cabinet and you do not have to worry about any of them nesting and scratching.  Having a dedicated spot for each pan also makes them easy to put away and neatly store.

10. Fridge Organizers – $17.99

Having a few plastic dividers in your fridge can be a great way to organize shelving and help you find food faster.  They come in various sizes.  I like to group like items together, such as all my smoothie supplies, so I can grab the container quickly in the morning with out fumbling through the fridge to find everything.

11. KeySmart Key Ring $17.99

If you know a person who carries a lot of keys they will love this simple key holder.  Very compact and sturdy.  You can fill it with 10 keys and attach a key fob on the end.  It is a great way to get rid of the large jingling key chain in your pocket or purse.

12. Tile Mate – $17.99

If you know someone who loses their keys or wallet often, or you need to keep track of a kid in an amusement park, the Tile offers a great way to track the things you care about.  Simply connect it to your phone and turn it on.  Place the Tile on a key chain or in a pocket and you can track where the item is located.

13. Printable Life Binder – $24.95

If you know someone struggling to keep track of paperwork and important numbers this is a great gift.  You will get a reusable, editable, PDF file of over 60 page templates to organize bank accounts, insurance, and finances.  There are sections for tracking medical records, child records, and important documents, as well household organization tools for meal planning, cleaning schedules and more.

14. Ironing Board & Hamper Combo -$69.99

This practical hamper not only helps you sort clothes into three separate bins (i.e. dark, whites, hand washable) but it also contains a surface for ironing.  So if you hate taking out the ironing board all of the time, combine your laundry basket into an ironing board solution.

15. Baking Tray Organizer – $19.99

Did you know you can use a regular file organizer like this one to file your baking trays?  I love using these on shelves or in cabinets to avoid having to stack baking trays.  It keeps them separate and easy to see and grab.

16. Shelf & Drawer Liners – $11.49

Shelf liners are an inexpensive and easy way to keep your cabinetry or shelving from getting damaged by dishes, spills or pots and pans.  It works great in kitchens, pantries, bathroom drawers and linen closets.  With so many patterns to choose from it is like wallpaper for your drawers and a fun surprise when you open them.

17. Pretty Folders & Colored Hanging Files

Filing is always more fun with color and pattern.  Here are some great folder finds that can make a great gift or your file drawers more streamlined looking.

18. “Organizing from the Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern – $10.49

This is a classic organizing book I still refer to after almost 20 years in the business.  It is inspiring, practical and has easy to remember tips.

19. Fujitsu Scan Snap Compact – $299.99

If you are ready to get rid of the paper in your life, having a high speed scanner can really make it easy to maintain good digital files.  It is a splurge but the speed and accuracy of this scanner makes it a must have tool if you are looking to digitize files.  It also does an incredible job scanning photographs to digitize and share your print collection with family and friends.

20. Instant Pot – $109.00

While Instant Pots may be a trend from a few years back, I still love mine.  With busy days and dinner time popping up quicker than I want during the work week, this kitchen tool helps me get hot dishes on the table quickly when I do not have a lot of time.  Throw in a great instant pot cookbook and you have a great gift for a busy family.

21. Kid’s Printable Memorabilia Kit – $7.95

Capturing your child’s memories even easier with the Complete Kids Memorabilia Printable Filing System. This digital PDF file allows you to instantly print the pages and file tabs to document, journal and store those precious memories in your own DIY Memory Box Kit. The memory keeper features a colorful gender neutral theme that can be printed on any home printer.

Document your son or daughters childhood from Pregnancy to Senior Year of College with printable hanging file tabs. Pages include prompts to help you journal your child’s feelings on the first day, document teachers, schools attended, skills learned, summary of the year, friends, sports memories, extracurricular activities, interests, favorites and more. Great gift for a new mom or mom to be.

22. Kindle Paperwhite – $139.99

I love reading real paper books, but I love my Kindle just as much because it is light, easy to carry and can store hundreds of books without taking up space on my bookshelves.  I also love that I can download free books from my library without leaving the house.  If you are looking to downsize your book collection, switching to a Kindle may be a good idea.  Throw in a Kindle Unlimited membership as a gift for even more free books to download.

23. Removable Dish Rack & Cloth Drying Mat – $11.00

If you want a space saving dish rack, I love this find.  The rack can be dismantled and washed in your dishwasher and is small to store under the sink when not in use.  I like using the washable mats for the drain pad because I can quickly change them out, put them in the laundry and store them with my dish towels.

24. Hanging Sweater Tiered Drying Rack – $19.99

This is one of my favorite drying racks because it can fold up really easily and hang on a shower rod.  If you have a lot of hand washables or sweaters to dry flat each month you will love how nicely this tiered mat works.

25. Home & Life Decluttering Workbook – $24.95

If you have a friend or family member constantly wanting to get organized, this printable PDF workbook (created by me) is a great way to get them motivated to organize this year.  It is a step-by-step guide filled with templates and assignments to deal with the emotional and physical clutter in your life.  It addresses your goals, home declutter, office declutter, relationships, mind and body, cleaning routines, setting up a tag sale and creating a maintenance plan.  The best part is you can edit online and print out the templates as many times as you need them.

26. Lazy Susan Dividers – $24.29

If you have a Lazy Susan cabinet in your kitchen these containers are a great addition to keep order.  They divide the circular area into sections so you can categorize what you store in there more easily.  And you can grab the container to pull out and see everything in it clearly. 

27. Bentgo Boxes – $27.99

For those who hate making kids lunches everyday this is one of my favorite solutions.  These are sturdy lunch boxes with dividers that are easy to clean each day.  I like that there are many compartments which forces me to pick a variety of healthy and fun lunch options for the kids. It takes the thinking out of making sure you have good portions and a variety of items.  And, it is only one container to clean each day when they come home.

28. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey – $11.98

This is another organizing classic organizing book in my mind.   There are many great concepts to help prioritize your most important goals, balance work and family and manage your time effectively. 

29. Double Closet Rod – $29.99 for 2

If you are not handy and you do not have a second lower rod in your closet, this item is a great way to double your hanging space.  Often we waste a lot of vertical space in closets by not using the bottom under the clothes.  This rod is great for hanging skirts, folded pants or an extra row of shirts and takes less than five minutes to install.

30. Subscription to Real Simple Magazine

I love when this magazine arrives in my mailbox each month.  There are always great ideas on a variety of topics related to life balance, finances, storage and organization as well as inspirational stories.  This makes a great year long gift to anyone who loves getting organizational inspiration.

I hope you found some inspiration from my list of organization themed holiday gifts and get a few more gifts checked off your list this holiday season.

Happy Organizing!


Kristin Vander Wiede is a Professional Organizer and owner of Livable Solutions Professional Organizing and Life’s Lists printable organizing labels, systems and activities.

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