137 Examples Of People Who Are Total Jerks (New Pics)

A false sense of entitlement, deep-seated insecurity, and a penchant for rudeness are what separates real jerks from the people we’d rather keep company.

While the world is chock full of amazing people who go out of their way to brighten someone else’s day with kindness, it’s also got quite a few bad apples who don’t care what happens to everyone else, so long as they get whatever they want. And some… some enjoy wrecking other people’s day just for a cheap, malicious laugh.

Bored Panda has collected a series of examples of people calling out some of the biggest, rudest, most entitled jerks in the world. Scroll down for the worst of the worst. Just be prepared for some of the most infuriating posts you’ll have seen in a long while.

And when you’re done with this list, you can take a peek at some of the biggest encounters with jerks that people had in our earlier posts here, here, and here. You know, in case you feel like you’re full of righteous anger enough as it is.

#1 Is This Even Legal?

A text says: "We have Covid... shhh. That's why we're returning home a day early.  On the plane..."

Image credits: esporx

#2 Stealing From A Self-Isolating, Vulnerable Neighbor

Image credits: maylesa

#3 Stepmom Of The Year

Image credits: darkizzle

People often lash out at others or try to ruin someone else’s day because they have some deeply enrooted insecurities and this is how they try to deal with their lack of confidence. By putting others down, by putting themselves first, they try to prove to themselves (and the world) that they’re better. That they’re worthy of love, attention, and respect.

However, if left unchecked, these insecurities can lead to a miserable life. Both for the entitled and those who are left to pick up the pieces after the chaos.

#4 Putting Gum In The Charging Slots On Public Transport

Image credits: adam_finn

#5 People Are So Infuriating

Image credits: real_jroe

#6 I Know I’m In Big Girl Sizes But Finding Chicken Bones In The Back Pocket While Trying On Clothes Is A Little Extreme

Image credits: hellomrscloe

Psychotherapist Silva Neves, who is based in the United Kingdom, shared with Bored Panda his insights about insecure behavior, how it’s expressed, and (perhaps most importantly) what the cure for it is. He summarized the core of the issue as some people having a mindset that simply screams “I’m not enough!” And that is the root limiting belief that leads to a lot of anguish for a lot of people.

#7 What Is Wrong With This Country?

Image credits: jammwill

#8 Found In London

Image credits: xClouddd

#9 Every Day This Lady Walks Her Dog And Throws Its Poop In The Same Tree

Image credits: reddit.com

"Insecurity carries the message: 'I'm not enough', 'I'm not good enough,' or even 'I'm worthless.' These are painful beliefs to have about ourselves but many do have those underlying beliefs," the therapist got to the core of the beliefs that many people who are seen as rude, entitled, and angry seem to have. However, not all insecure people behave the same. Individuals who are insecure can behave very differently. While some lash out, others shut themselves off from the world.

#10 So Trashy It’s Cringey

Image credits: hombredeoso92

#11 No Need For Context

Image credits: VerySlump

#12 The Joys Of International Travel

Image credits: brownshout

“Insecurity can manifest either by making themselves invisible (If I'm not seen, nobody will notice my flaws), or the opposite, by what we call 'bragging': shouting at everybody about how wonderful they are. This is usually to try to persuade to themselves that they are good enough,” Silva told Bored Panda.

#13 Package Got Delivered. Shortly After, It Was Very Slowly Undelivered

Image credits: merylcreepxxx

#14 Someone Decided To Make A Bowl Of Cereal In Target

Image credits: GenieOfTheLamp510

#15 Taking All Of The Seats During Rush Hour

Image credits: klok52jasdert

"Another way to counter the 'I'm not enough' is by pushing others down, sabotaging other people's success, or attacking people as a way to feel powerful so that they can control their inner pain of 'I'm not enough,’” the therapist explained how some people think and how they attempt to (unsuccessfully) deal with their inner turmoil.

#16 Imagine Being A Selfish Person Like Her

Image credits: TDIsideHustle

#17 My Neighbors Throwing Trash Off Their Balcony Instead Of Just Walking To The Dumpster. They Do This Regularly

Image credits: sxviet

#18 I’m In A Smaller School, Only 2 Main Bathrooms, Every Single Soap Dispenser Has Been Stolen Because Of TikTok

Image credits: BuildingLongjumping2

“All of these strategies don't work because what they do is either internalizing or externalizing the belief 'I'm not enough' rather than changing it," he pointed out that they’re trying to treat the symptoms, not the root of the problem.

#19 This Is Truly Something Else

Image credits: ButtEater344

#20 Lady Gaga Went To A Starbucks And Bought Gift Cards To Pay For Coffee For The Customers That Came After Her. This Was What The Barista Did Instead

Image credits: WildinMonsters

#21 A Previous Borrower Of This Library Book Seems To Think Tearing Off The Tips Of Pages Is An Appropriate Alternative To A Bookmark

Image credits: ImDero

"The key to becoming more secure is to change the underlying belief 'I'm not enough' to 'I'm enough.’ "The way to do it is with self-compassion,” Silva advocates for an acceptance of one’s own flaws until we fully internalize that we are good enough. That, in turn, leads us to treat other people better.

#22 Did She Purchase Or Put Back Any Of The Books? Of Course Not

Image credits: Swaggie-J

#23 Coworker Announced That She And Her SO Are Finally Pregnant After Years Of Trying, I Got Her A Box Of Pastries To Celebrate

When the party was about to start I open the fridge at work and see this...

Image credits: Weyland223

#24 This Repugnant Toe Right Next To My Daughter On A Flight

Image credits: pretty_dirty

Insecurities, according to the psychotherapist, often show up in childhood. They entrench themselves in our character as we grow. But, as we mature into adults, we also gain access to the self-awareness and tools to change these underlying negative beliefs.

#25 Sold My iPad In Public Space At Night In Minnesotan -10F Temperature, Turned Out It's Fake

I hope the cops find him. I looked at his and his friends' posts and they are all like brandishing guns and money.

Image credits: raimibonn

#26 This Guy During Movies

Image credits: Quedash

#27 Don't Even Get Me Started On The People That Test Spray Paint Like This

Image credits: JustAnotherHuman007

"Perhaps parents didn't praise children enough, or they paid more attention to the mistakes rather than the successes. As an adult now, people can give themselves a hug once in a while and tell themselves, gently: 'you're doing good,' 'well done,' 'congratulations.' Eventually, the brain will listen and slowly change the message 'I'm not enough' to 'I'm enough,'" he said.

#28 No Concern For Others

Image credits: MattHarringer

#29 Please Don’t Leave Fake Tips I’m Trying To Go To College

Image credits: iskermitagod

#30 Real Class Act At Costco

Image credits: Palifaith

"Rather than shouting your praise at other people, it is about speaking to yourself in a loving way. When people are genuinely aware of their successes, they can become genuinely more confident without the need to impose their power onto others."

#31 Some People Just Wanna Watch The World Burn. Literally

Image credits: LukathePrince

#32 A Little In Flight Lobster

Image credits: notsonewlywedpc

#33 “Inspiring”

Image credits: natalie_schlater

#34 Cheating Is So Cool

Image credits: Josef_t

#35 Girlfriend Works At A Local Target And Had A Family Stroll In And Do All This

Image credits: Sylron

#36 I'm Out Of Words

Image credits: HBKHacks

#37 POS Pretends To Be Disabled To Try And Get Out Of Wearing A Mask

Image credits: stevenspohn

#38 Fake Corona Negative Test. True

Image credits: bamarooski

#39 Karen Desperately Needed Her Nails Done

Image credits: DamnKaren

#40 Baby Nails

Image credits: _iucaa

#41 When Your Neighbors Are Exhausted Of Your Fighting, It's Time To Reflect On Some Things

#42 Someone Burglarized A School In My Area. Did This To Several Classrooms And Broke Some Computers As Well

Image credits: andronicus_14

#43 The Person Who Keyed "Fxck Trans" Into My Car

Image credits: Lee_now_

#44 Plenty Of Places To Tag In Vegas, But These Two Chose Our Closest National Park

Image credits: SonOfOak

#45 Spotted At My Local Walmart, Sprayed Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Produce/Clothing With Lysol, They Had To Replace All Of It

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

#46 Faking A Disability So You Don't Need To Wear A Mask

Image credits: theparkinlarkin

#47 If You Leave Public Park Tables Like This, You’re A Jerk

Image credits: Digeratii

#48 Just A Mother Teaching Her Son How To Spray Paint On The Store's Floor

Image credits: _Jester_123_

#49 Shameless

Image credits: kevon.dupree

#50 And Lord Knows Where Their Mouths Have Been

Image credits: STlNKMEANER

#51 Burning An Aldi Cart Just To Get The Quarter. Instead Of Returning It

Image credits: Adventurous_Monk_876

#52 Stood During The Entire Concert, Even When Absolutely Nobody Else Was Standing. Picked A Fight With Someone (Not Me) Who Asked Her To Sit Down

Image credits: lainwla16

#53 I Mean You Did Buy A Ticket But

Image credits: clearedrandomroute

#54 Getting Back To My Seat After A Bathroom Break

Image credits: Lamamalin

#55 Worst Customer. Ever

Image credits: James C.

#56 So, I Guess This Is A Thing In The New Neighborhood We Just Moved Into

Image credits: freyday18

#57 Someone Took A Chainsaw To The Cedar Base Of A Bridge In A Forest In WA To Sell The Cedar On The Black Market

Image credits: waDNR

#58 These People Doing A Gender Reveal On A Lake With Confetti. They Didn't Clean Up And They Threw The Confetti Canisters In The Lake

Image credits: AIMWSTRN

#59 Uber Driver Gets Attacked By Rowdy Passengers After Asking One Of Them To Put On A Mask (Fix)

Image credits: timesnow

#60 Found The King Of Parking. And No He Does Not Have A Handicap Sticker

Image credits: Bostonova007

#61 They Tried To Steal It, Couldn’t, Cut The Tube Instead

Image credits: MKanes

#62 Took My Kids To McDonald's Drive-Thru. I'm Guessing The Person In The Car In Front Of Me Asked For No Pickles

Image credits: IskallaTrollblod

#63 When I Was In Grade 7, My History Teacher Was A Jerk. I Had To Color In A Map Of Canada And Dot Where The Capitals Of Each Province Were

Green is where I placed the capital, pink is where she made “corrections”. My final mark was 6/10.

Image credits: Ichorice_Malign

#64 Someone Actually Did This

Image credits: averagemale2

#65 Some Jerk Stabbed A Syringe Needle Into The Sidewall Of My Tire

Image credits: astudentiguess

#66 Mr. Wedgie Here Let His Pooch Take A Leak, Watched It Happen, And Then Tried To Play Like He Didn’t Just Witness The Spillage

I politely asked him “Are you going to clean that up?”. I received a blank (masked) stare and then the cold shoulder. Freakin’ jerk.

Image credits: Cityzen_11

#67 Going The Extra Mile To Not Touch The Handrail With His Hand

Image credits: steamingbun

#68 Don't Know If This Fits Here

Image credits: niklaswedde

#69 Please Have Some Respect And Clean Up After Yourself At Movie Theaters

Image credits: Naweezy

#70 Not Cool

Image credits: lincoln_police

#71 This Is How North Carolina's Newlely Elected Representative Responds To Winning

Image credits: cawthornfornc

#72 This Store

Image credits: hey_im_cool

#73 Who Shoved Steaks In Their Pockets This Morning?

Image credits: KinaGrace96

#74 Have A Shared Doorstep With My Neighbors. They Seem To Think This Is Okay

Image credits: f1sh_

#75 If You Have A Gender Reveal Party And Leave Confetti Everywhere For People To Pick Up, Screw You

Image credits: SnooSquirrels7857

#76 Why Would You Post That?

Image credits: onilamo

#77 Two Weeks Of Telling My Boss The Produce In The Warehouse Is Going Bad. Him: Don't Worry About It

Image credits: Kaxton15

#78 Just Discrediting Someone's Loss Because Of The Narrative You Believe

Image credits: lilahogger

#79 Got Up Extra Early Just To Make A Special Traditional Breakfast For The Parents

Instead of having a good time I got yelled at for using the expensive teabags, at which point they both got up and left.

Image credits: college-tool

#80 And They Also Call Themselves Pro-Life...

Image credits: mhdksafa

#81 What Kind Of People Need To Be Told This

Image credits: tom683

#82 This Man Deserves A Lifetime Ban From Bowling Alleys

Image credits: Odd_Effective_

#83 People Want Things To Get Back To Normal Hey, Screw Em

Image credits: CrawlinOutTheFallout

#84 At Least The Gym Owner Has A Sense Of Humor About It. Still Sucks Though

Image credits: TGCurryus

#85 Buying 12 Cartons Of Eggs The Night Before Halloween

Image credits: JSchade

#86 The People Who Continually Do This By Our Waterways And Forests

Image credits: Calm-Fern

#87 Dear Walmart Shoppers. Please Don't Do This. It Makes Us Cart Pusher's Jobs 10 Times Harder

Image credits: chasetheball7

#88 If Your Headlights, Not Even Your High Beams, Are This Bright, You Deserve To Go Straight To Hell

Image credits: NearKilroy

#89 Who Does This

Image credits: mischiefbrewer

#90 Nordstrom Rack Sale Going On, People Can’t Even Put Them Back In The Boxes

Image credits: LiLT13-_-

#91 Don't Be Like Chuck

Image credits: TheLastKingOfGalaga

#92 Store By House Tired Of Bra Money

Image credits: stormincincy

#93 People Who Do This

Image credits: Red69black22

#94 Someone Locked Their Bike In A Way That It Blocks The Path And It Cannot Be Moved Without Picking Or Force

Image credits: Hyperius999

#95 If You Leave Your Mess Like This - You’re Trash

Image credits: reddit.com

#96 Gender Reveal In A Restaurant? Why Not I Guess

Image credits: fibbybob

#97 Displaying Your Bare Feet In A Restaurant

Image credits: boozinBanthony

#98 I Love Delta’s In-Flight Entertainment Options

Image credits: -Puddintane-

#99 Found This Cheeky Little Snack At The Cinema When I Was Ushering Today

Image credits: rollabladess

#100 Out Of Control For 0.30 Cents

Image credits: Azurebluenomad

#101 Stealing All The Hanging Baskets In A Small Village Near Me Put Up By The Village Kids To Cheer People Up

Image credits: Daerynn

#102 People Stealing Donations For Our Covid ICU Staff

Image credits: mssojo404

#103 Former Tenants Of The Apartment Moved Out Recently And Left Their Place Looking Like This

Image credits: junger128

#104 This Nasty Guy Cutting And Leaving His Nails At A Costco Food Court Table

Image credits: captainretina

#105 People Unknowingly Being Jerks. Protestor In Philadelphia Vandalizes A Statue Of An Abolitionist That Fought Against Slavery

Image credits: phobymo

#106 Dad Told To Leave Parents' Room In Mall

Image credits: nzherald

#107 People With Trucks Like This Are Jerks

Image credits: BeerSlothed

#108 This Infuriates Me

Image credits: reddit.com

#109 You’re Disabled? Too Bad, Karen Needs Her $10 Latte

Image credits: Christpuncher2019

#110 Take A Selfie Then

Image credits: willow-17

#111 Some Jerk Destroyed My Neighbor's Prized Sunflowers Last Night

Image credits: tdzines

#112 For Anyone Who's Been Living Under A Rock, The UK Left The Eu Last Night. This Morning, This Message Was Posted On An Entrance To A Block Of Flats

Image credits: simon_price01

#113 This Jerk Let His Dog Poop In The Hallway Of A Hotel I Manage. Didn't Clean It Up. Didn't Tell Anyone. Then Argued When I Charged Him A Cleanup Fee

Am I wrong? My housekeeping staff should not have to clean up dog poop.

Image credits: -swilliamz-

#114 Someone Moved Into My Apartment Complex And Left These Boxes For Maintenance To Take Care Of. Not Even Folded Down Or Organized

Trash is in them. And their unit is on the boxes.

Image credits: GrizzlyLearner

#115 My Gym Is Trying To Catch This Guy

Image credits: 4_tha_ents

#116 This Woman Caught On Security Camera Stealing My Late Uncle’s Custom-Made Skull Bowling Ball From A Restaurant In The Chicago Suburbs

His widow has been begging for its return.

Image credits: Gail-The-Snail

#117 Forced To Not Trust Your Neighbors

Image credits: ku3ah

#118 Get Home After 10 Days Of Working And This Jerk Is Parked In Front Of My House. Knocked On All My Neighbors' Doors And It’s No One They Know

Image credits: Turkey49

#119 This Jerk (My Next-Door Neighbor) Accelerates At 60 Mph In My Tiny Neighborhood. He Almost Hit Me The Other Day

Image credits: Iliketomod

#120 Low 40s Here, Dog Unrestrained In Back While It’s Raining. She Was Opening Her Door To Yell At Me For Taking This Photo

Image credits: AngryMahi

#121 Having To Clean Up The Mess Of Uber Eats Drivers Letting Their Kids Bring My Food

Image credits: Slootsy1

#122 This Guy On My Campus

Image credits: -Rukario-

#123 Changing A Babies Diaper On A Restaurant Table

Image credits: darkchihuahua85

#124 Bringing Your Dog To A Store And Putting It On A Display Bed

Image credits: Blarghish

#125 This Guy Buying Up Generators In My Town For $899 And Attempting To Sell Them For $1300 Before A Storm

Image credits: jacobchandlermoudy

#126 People Who Do This

Image credits: TheBadHalfOfAFandom

#127 Completely Random, No Sense Or Reason

Image credits: cocohoborobo

#128 Can't Believe People Would Do This

Image credits: CNN

#129 Sad That People Need To Be Reminded Of This

Image credits: indianplayers

#130 Jerk Left The Half Drank Cup Of Milkshake At The Store For Staff To Clean. Never Understood This Kind

Image credits: bashayr

#131 Someone Threw A Rock At My Mom's Store

Image credits: reddit.com

#132 Some Angel Dumped This Outside My House

Image credits: leoberto1

#133 Must've Been One "Hot Bottom" Day

Image credits: Zealousideal_Tone802

#134 Trying To Drill Open A Mailbox In Front Of A Mailman

Image credits: karthenon

#135 Someone Cheesed My Car

Image credits: GukkiSpace

#136 People Who Park On The Sidewalk Blocking It Off

Image credits: Sprinkles276381

#137 It Snowed In Texas And I Decided To Build A Snowman, 2 Hours Later Some Jerk Kicked It

Image credits: Ocha0

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