Why Bicycles Are Better Than Cars?

Cars have been used all over the world for various transportation whether good or human beings. On the other hand, the bicycle has found use among people. Whether for commuting from one place to the other as well as being used as a tool for fitness. What we see on the road is a disregard of bikers always. However, after reading this review, you will love biking. To get to change from using a car to using a bicycle and as such maximizing green energy takes time in order to grasp why one needs to use a bicycle. As such here are the reasons that should help in encouraging you to use your bike often if not all the time.

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1. Bicycles are more greener

A bicycle does not emit any gases to the environment as a car does. While a car burns fuel thereby emitting gases that contribute to the green effect, the bicycle-only helps burn extra calories in ones body thus keeping the person healthier away from chronic diseases. Furthermore, materials used in the making of cars also lead to increased exploitation of the environment than bicycles could require.

2. Easy to invest on a bicycle rather than a car

Looking at the amount used for purchasing a car, not everyone can afford it. As such, since the bicycle forms a readily available mechanism of transport, it forms the reason when you should invest in one of them. Furthermore, it will not do you badly when you have both and use them according to convenience.

3. Less costly to maintain

For you to ride on a bike all you need is a helmet. However, for the car you will need insurance. On the other hand, the fuel used to drive your car is a factor to consider. Recurrent costs drain your pockets swiftly.

4. Good challenge

When using a car one gets the satisfaction of running through their own steam. As such, the adrenaline rush while riding a bike helps in ensuring your mind stays active at all times. While you can relax in your car, it is probably not much engaged as well as increased noise constantly nags thus avoids a quiet time.

5. Less wear on the roads from the bike thus reduced required taxes

Using bicycles results in less wear in roads than when using cars. Cars feature four wide tires than a bicycles two thin tires. As such, less maintenance of our roads happens when we shift to using bicycles rather than cars. As such taxpayers money is saved.

6. Save time especially in jams

When going to work you may find your bicycle faster than your car. People movement always happens in peak hours. This often results into congestions of the roads. However, a bike helps in maneuvering in between car thus increasing the travel speed which leads to saving time

7. Helps in a fitness program

What better way is there than letting your heartthrob while on the other hand you are perspiring like a dog? Riding a bike helps in burning of calories that results in a fit body. Sitting in the car does not help burn any fat. In fact it encourage increased food consumption that leads to obesity.

8. No parking fees, less parking space

While parking a car requires a large space, where you could park one car, several bicycles can be parked. This not only saves the parking space but also the parking fees required for each.

9. NO qualifications required for you to ride a bike

For one to drive a car, they must first be of age while on the other hand must attend driving lessons. This makes a bicycle easier to use. Furthermore, learning to ride a bike entails learning to balance only. As such, toddlers easily learn to ride bikes but this never happens for cars.

10. Helps in getting more social

While riding a bicycle, one is more flexible to stop at any point as well as the position they want to. Whether it is your friend you have come across. You do not need to find a parking space. This helps increase social engagements. Additionally, two may ride together while sharing stories that can never happen when using two cars.

All these reasons give you the meaning of regular use of bicycles when at home or for going to work. One of the attributes that exist in all human beings is that no one wants to get tired. Determination forms the key driver to want to see change in your life as well as a better world.

I bet you are now decided to have a bike for yourself especially that helps in fitness programs. Exercise helps one stay healthy and this is a motivation enough to have a bicycle for use in a couple of instances when at home.

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