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Dewalt DWCS600 Chain Saw Recall

Dewalt DWCS600 Chain Saw

Approximately 8,500 Dewalt 18-inch corded chain saws are being recalled, due to an issue with the switch. The chain saw can remain running when the switch is in the off position or inadvertently turned on when being plugged in, posing an injury hazard.

Affected chains saws were sold from June 2021 thru November 2021, with date codes 2021 23-H5 to 2021 40-H5. Users can find the date code on the bottom of the chain saw, behind the chain/bar.

Remedy: Stop using affected chain saws and contact Dewalt for a free replacement. Contact Dewalt at 855-474-5875 from 8am-6pm ET M-F or

Recall No. 22-059
Date Issued: 1/26/2022

Loctek Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack Recall

Loctek Fleximount Overhead Garage Storage Rack Recalled

Loctek has recalled about 17,500 overhead garage storage racks, model GL44B, which were sold at Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and other stores from October 2020 thru April 2022.

One of the U-shaped buckles on the supporting cables can fail, posing an impact injury to users or bystanders in case the rack fails.

Remedy: Unload all items from the racks and contact Loctek at 855-585-5618 or for a repair kit.

Recall No. 22-171
Date Issued: June 23, 2022

Harbor Freight Automotive Roller Seats Recall

Harbor Freight Roller Seat Recall 2022

Harbor Freight is recalling about 478,800 Pittsburgh automotive pneumatic roller seats. The connection between the seat and seat post could fail, posing a fail hazard.

Affected seats have model number 61896, 46319, or 63456, and were sold between July 2014 and September 2021.

Remedy: Stop using any affected seat and return it to Harbor Freight for a free replacement or refund in the form of a gift card. If you cannot visit a Harbor Freight store, contact them at 800-444-3353 from 8am-4:30pm M-F or

Recall No. 22-075
Date Issued: February 9, 2022

Worx WG6060 13A Pressure Washer Recall

Worx 13A Pressure Washer Recall WG606

Worx has recalled about 17,630 model WG6060 13A 1900 PSI electric pressure washers. The sprayer hose can separate from the spray wand during use, posing an impact injury to users or someone passing by.

Affected Worx pressure washers were sold from April 2021 thru November 2021.

Remedy: Stop using affected pressure washers and contact Worx for a replacement spray wand at 855-444-2833 9am-6pm ET M-F or

Recall No. 22-078
Date Issued: February 10, 2022

Husqvarna All-Wheel Drive Robotic Lawnmower Recall

Husqvarna Automower 435 AWD Robotic Mower Recall

Husqvarna has recalled about 1,400 Automower 435X and 535X all-wheel drive robotic lawnmowers. Their Li-ion batteries can overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Affected units were sold between March 2020 and July 2021. There have been 5 reports of batteries overheating, including 2 reports of fire.

Husqvarna investigated the issue and found:

the issue is the result of the charging pattern, “stressing” the batteries to unusual levels of degradation, in some products of the affected models.

Remedy: Stop using the mower and download a free software update. Users with batteries that have had more than 1,200 charging cycles can also receive a free replacement battery

Contact Husqvarna at 877-257-6921 8am-6pm ET M-F.

Recall No. 22-727
Date Issued: February 17, 2022

Craftsman 30″ Mini and Troy-Bilt TB30 Riding Mowers Recall

Craftsman 20-inch Mini Riding Mower Recall

MTD, now a Stanley Black & Decker company, has recalled about 6,200 Craftsman 30″ Mini and Troy-Bilt TB30 riding mowers.

The mowers can fail to come to a complete stop and continue to move at about 1 MPH when the clutch/brake pedal is fully depressed, posing a low speed crash hazard.

Affected mowers were sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other stores from July 2021 thru January 2022.

Remedy: Stop using affected mowers and contact Craftsman or Troy-Bilt for a free inspection and repair. MTD says that customers will be assisted in contacting a local repair shop to have a free replacement belt installed. Pickup and delivery can be arranged if necessary.

Contact Craftsman at 866-864-2949, or Troy-Bilt at 888-848-6038, 8:30am-5pm ET M-F or 9am-6pm ET Saturdays.

Recall No. 22-119
Date Issued: April 14, 2022

Troy-Bilt TB220B XP SpaceSavr Mower Recall

Troy-Bilt TB220B XP SpaceSavr Mower Recall

MTD is recalling about 1,774 Troy-Bilt SpaceSavr lawn mowers, due to a potential fuel leak when stored in the upright/vertical position, posing a fire hazard.

Affected mowers were sold at Menards and other retailers from January 2022 thru March 2022.

Remedy: Users are advised to stop using the mower, to only store it horizontally, and to contact Troy-Bilt or the store they purchased it from for a full refund.

Contact Troy-Bilt at 888-848-6038, 8:30am-5pm ET M-F.

Recall No. 22-169
Date Issued: June 23, 2022

Generac and DR 3100 PSI Pressure Washers Recall

Generac 3100 PSI Pressure Washer Recall

Generac has recalled about 53,000 Generac and DR Power electric-start pressure washers due to a carbon monoxide hazard.

Affected models include DR Pressure Washer PRO 3100, 3125 CON GAS PW ES CARB EPA3, and 3125 CON GAS PW ES SPEEDWASH CARB EPA3.

There have been 9 reports of the gas engine pressure washers self-starting and operating without being connected to a water supply.

The pressure washers were sold at many major retailers from February 2018 thru February 2022.

Remedy: Stop using recalled pressure washers unless you have removed the rechargeable battery, and contact Generac to have an authorized dealer replace the start/stop switch for free. Generac says that the pressure washer can still be used, but remove the battery and use the pull-start option to start the unit.

Contact Generac at 855-625-2933 8am-5pm CT M-F.

Recall No. 22-127
Date Issued: April 28, 2022

MonsterRax and SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Racks Recall

MonsterRax Overhead Grage Storage Rack Recall

Eagle Industries Group has recalled about 12,800 MonsterRax and SafeRacks overhead garage storage racks due to an impact injury hazard.

The hex bolts included with the overhead racks could be defective, causing the rack to collapse from the ceiling, posing an impact injury hazard.

Affected racks were sold at, Amazon, and other websites from September 2021 thru December 2021, in several sizes and both gray and white colors.

There have been 55 reports of the racks falling, including one facial injury.

Remedy: Immediately unload all items from the racks and contact MonsterRacs or SafeRacks to receive free replacement bolts.

Contact either company at 877-927-2168 at 9am-5pm PT M-F, or

Recall No. 22-742
Date Issued: April 21, 2022

Dollar Tree Crafter’s Square Hot Glue Gun Recall

Dollar Free Crafters Square Hot Glue Gun Recall

Dollar Tree has recalled about 1,025,000 Crafter’s Square hot glue guns in the USA, plus another 21,900 units sold in Canada.

The glue gun can malfunction when plugged in, posing fire and burn hazards.

Affected flue guns were sold from August 2020 thru February 2022 and have “XY-15302” printed on a silver label.

There have been 7 reports of electrical malfunctions, including 4 reports of fire and 1 report of skin irritation.

Remedy: Immediately unplug the glue gun and return it to any Dollar Tree or Family Dollar store for a full refund. The companies will contact online purchasers with further instructions.

Contact Dollar Tree at 800-876-8697 9am-5pm ET M-F or at, and Family Dollar at 844-636-7687 9am-5pm ET M-F or at

Recall No. 22-120
Date Issued: April 14, 2022

Here are additional recalls we reported on this year and in 2021:

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