These 12 Garage Organization Ideas Under $50 Just Scream Adulting

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A lot of us have a love-hate relationship with our garages. It’s nice to have the space to park your car — in theory, but the reality is that if you have one, you most likely use it as a storage space. Here’s where the hate part of that relationship kicks in. It’s so easy for your collection of things and tools to start piling up, and, all of a sudden, it can feel as if your entire garage looks like a natural disaster has just struck. And who can blame you? These days, none of us has the time to come up with a bunch of garage organization ideas, much less spend the time it takes to organize the garage. 

The great news is that there are affordable and genius garage organization ideas and products that you can use to keep your tools, cleaning supplies, and other belongings neatly organized in your garage. And we’ve ranked our favorite options here. The best part is that they don’t take much time to assemble and won’t break the bank. 

You can thank us later, but first, let’s jump to our list of the best and cheapest garage organization ideas and products we’ve found.

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1. StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack 


When it comes to gardening tools and home cleaning supplies, it’s all too easy to set them down in a corner, resulting in a pile that somehow manages to grow bigger and more crowded over time. However, this wall mount tool storage rack makes keeping your gardening tools organized by type and size look easy. Best of all, it is crafted from solid, heavy-duty steel and can hold up to 325 pounds. It measures 36 x 9.75 x 3-inches and can hold everything from your standard yard and garden tools to more bulky items like weed eaters and power equipment. The generous storage slots are 9.5-inches long and 2-inches wide. 


Buy: StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack $49.99


2. Amoowis Power Tool Organizer 


If you have multiple cordless drills and hand tools, this tool organizer will keep them all in one place. It is a garage organization idea designed to hang up to four different devices, comes with two shelves for extra storage space, and can be used to safeguard all different types of hand tools and accessories. This versatile unit is built out of heavy compact steel using a reinforced design joint at the shelves and can hold up to 150 pounds.

Amoowis-Power-Tool-Organizer Buy: Amoowis Power Tool Organizer $39.95

3. IRIS USA Parts and Hardware Cabinet


It benefits no one having random screws, nails, and drill bits floating around the garage, but that’s what can happen if you don’t have a dedicated home for these items. Enter the IRIS USA Parts and Hardware Cabinet. This cabinet organizer is compact in size but significant in storage potential. It comes with 64 drawers, giving you plenty of space for all those items. Plus, you can mount it to the wall or allow it to sit nicely on top of something like a brand new power tool organizer. 

IRIS USA Parts and Hardware Cabinet Buy: IRIS USA Parts and Hardware Cabinet $49.99

4. Stalwart Mobile Tool Box 


If you have a fair number of power and hand tools you need to move around with you from time to time, this stackable toolbox will keep them all organized and ready to roll. This tool organizer is not only practical but also easy to move around. It comes with two different boxes that stack together, one on top of the other and each box is sized 10 x 17.88 x 24.13-inches. Plus, it comes with shallow compartments for small hardware.  

Stalwart-Mobile-Tool-Box Buy: Stalwart Mobile Tool Box $10.33

5. Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Organizer 


This rolling shelving cart is a must-have for your garage organization ideas and beyond. It is perfect for storing small boxes, cleaning products, and painting supplies — you name it. It will fit nicely in any corner or against any wall. This metal organizer measures 23.2 x 13.4 x 32.75-inches, and each shelf can hold up to 250 pounds. It’s available in either chrome or black steel, up to five shelves, and both casters and leveling feet, should you prefer it stationary. 

Amazon-Basics-3-shelf-organizer Buy: Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Organizer $44.99

6. DIRZA Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount


If you own a bike but never use it because it’s a pain or you’re tired of just placing it up against a wall after each ride, this bike rack will fix all your problems. Easy to both install and use, thanks to its sleek hook design, the Dirza bike rack makes it easier to store and retrieve your bike. The clean design doesn’t occupy much wall space, allowing multiple bicycles to hang side-by-side easily. DIY tip: When installing the bike rack, make sure to secure it on a stud. 

Dirza-Garage-Wall-Bike-Rack Buy: DIRZA Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount $11.99 (orig. $13.99) 14% OFF

7. Wallmaster 8-Bin Storage 


Think of this as a garage organization idea on-the-go. These Wallmaster Storage Bins are the ideal solution for all of the miscellaneous things you own and want to keep handy but don’t quite fit anywhere, specifically in the garage. Whether that’s small items like one-off nuts or screws or that extra hex wrench for the shelving rack you just put together, these bins are an excellent choice for keeping your parking area clutter-free. Each wall-mountable bin measures 15.75 x 4.72 x 6.3-inches and can hold a staggering 22 pounds. These are ideal for those projects where you need to keep a few screws handy but don’t need to take the whole toolbox.

Wallmaster-8-bin-storage-rackj Buy: Wallmaster 8-Bin Storage $29.99

8. Remiawy Garage Hooks 


Sometimes it’s as simple as using basic, sturdy, multipurpose hooks to keep the oversized odds and ends organized in your garage. Whether you’re looking for storage solutions for your ladders, big tools, bikes, or extension cords, this 12-pack of garage hooks will be a hit in your home. Best of all, these alloy-steel hooks are anti-slip, heavy-duty, and multi-use. Are these hooks a little too OSHA orange for your liking? No worries — they are available in black as well.

Remiawy-garage-hooks Buy: Remiawy Garage Hooks $26.99 (orig. $39.99) 33% OFF

9. Holikme Garage Storage System 


If you are like many people and just shove your broom in that space between your fridge and kitchen wall, then this one’s for you. This Holikme garage organizer boasts over 11,000 5-star reviews and comprises a metal baseboard, four metal racks and four metal hooks. It is strong, waterproof, won’t rust and is perfect for your broom, mop, duster and cleaning towels. This rack will make your home feel more organized in a snap.

Holikme broom holder Buy: Holikme Garage Storage System $13.59 (orig. $17.99) 24% OFF

10. Torack Wood Organizer 


Let’s be honest. We all have random wood boards collecting dust somewhere in the garage, whether they’re leftover from an older project or sitting around until you have time to start the next project. This Torack board organizer is perfect for all sorts of large, flat, and round items of up to six inches in diameter. We’re talking gutters, sheet metal, PVC pipes, ladders and skis. It’s not advertised for surfboards or standup paddleboards, but we think you could also be used to store these types of products thanks to its ability to hold up to 330 pounds.  

Torack-Wood-Organizer Buy: Torack Wood Organizer $29.99

11. Veno Foldable Storage Tote 


Step up your storage game with these Veno Foldable Storage Totes and say goodbye to old moving boxes. Whether you’re looking for something that can hold your collection of old books, journals, kids’ art, or extra bedding, these are excellent for keeping your personal items tucked away and protected in your garage. They are easy to move, heavy-duty plastic, and hold up to 50 pounds.


  Buy: Veno Foldable Storage Tote $46.99


12. Cobra Storage Garage Door Fishing Rod Rack 


This clever gadget is not only an intelligent solution for your fishing poles but a great way to utilize every square inch of space in your garage. These fishing racks fit most garage doors and give you extra room for fishing gear and other tools with a long, slim, pole handle design. At 21-inches, these will fit standard garage doors and use ABS polymer material, so they are tough. This product is easy to install, can be mounted on either your ceiling or walls, and doesn’t inadvertently keep your garage door from working. Quite a clever garage organization idea, indeed.

Cobra-storage-garage-door-fishing-rod-holder Buy: Cobra Storage Garage Door Fishing Rod Rack $34.99

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