The world is full of beautiful buildings and really inspiring designs and with so many wonderful options it’s impossible to pick a favorite so we didn’t


Instead we gathered here 35 modern houses that we find interesting and while this can be only the start of a really long list, we hope it’s enough to inspire you to look for beautiful structures and to give you a taste of what great design is all about.

This right here is a glass extension built for an existing house. It expands the living and sleeping areas without overpowering the main residence. At the same time, it takes advantage of the beautiful views and has a unique design which responds to the topography of the site.

This house in the Santa Monica Hills is almost completely exposed to the exterior, featuring full-height windows and glass doors which bring the wonderful views inside and allow them to complement the neutral and stylish interior decor. This design also makes the most of the warm weather by prioritizing the connection with the outdoors.

The Rimrock House enjoys a wonderful location. It’s built on a bluff with panoramic views on one side and the forest on the other. This project is one of those cases when the topography of the land had a huge impact on the design of the house. The most notable detail is the fact that this volume resembles a bridge.

You can think of this as a modest lake house, a structure that isn’t particularly big and yet looks very spacious and amazing. It’s a modern house that was designed to take full advantage of its location, especially the proximity to the lake. Initially, the site didn’t allow a direct view towards the lake and in order to amend that the architects elevated the house 5.5 meters.

Sandwiched between a series of large trees, this holiday home in Chile looks as if it’s been there for a really long time and nature simply grew around it. It shares a very special connection with its immediate surroundings but it doesn’t try to blend in. Instead, its modern design and geometric shape allows it to proudly stand out.

We can’t really say we’ve seen many modern houses that have two swimming pools so in that sense this Lisbon residence is pretty special. The house is a seaside retreat built of stone, glass and wood. It has two pools, one which is more traditional (if that term even applies here) and one that has a glass bottom and lets light go right through and form patterns on the floor below.

Quite a few modern house designs are based around the idea of a prefab home. That’s especially true in the case of remote locations, houses set in the middle of nature. One such example is this California mountaintop getaway which was built with minimal impact on the landscape and environment.

Located in Trelleborg, Sweden, this flat roof house is a wonderful summer retreat with the potential to also serve as a permanent residence. It has an L-shaped floor plan which cantilevers over the edge ever so slightly. The indoor and the outdoor communicate seamlessly and the design as a whole is simple, clean and very stylish.

Ample outdoor spaces and huge windows complemented by sliding glass doors allow this modern family home to take advantage of the outdoors, the natural light and even the views without giving away its privacy. The site was previously occupied by an old structure which was completely demolished to make room for something new.

Every house design is inspired by an idea, an objective and in this case the goal was to make the most of the views. However, since the area is frequented by lots of visitors, privacy is an issue. In response to that, the architects came up with a design which balanced it all out. The result was a gorgeous house with gabion walls, wooden shutters and amazing views.

There are definitely many interesting features about this modern house’s design and one which stands out is the butterfly roof which gives the entire structure a delicate and lightweight appearance. The roof stretches over three volumes, each housing different types of spaces with different functions.

Sometimes a modern house design stands out not through its form but through the types of materials or the finishes used throughout the project. This Buenos Aires home brings together glass, concrete and metal in a composition which allows the structure to seamlessly blend into the surroundings.

This is another example which shows just how important the selection of materials and finishes is in the design of a structure. The AN House is simple and gives out a luxurious vibe. At the same time it’s very welcoming thanks to the array of elegant natural materials used throughout the spaces, inside and out.

On a small plot in Buenos Aires, between two existing buildings stands a modern house with an eco-friendly design and a ton of character. The owner asked the architects to include as much green space as possible in their design and this is what the team managed to do with this idea. They not only preserved the natural environment as best they could but they also added lots of greenery. The MeMo House truly is a one-of-a-kind project.

On the outside it looks like a simple white box. On the inside, this modern house is a complex set of spaces connected through doors, windows and unusual voids. The design focuses on two major elements: privacy and organization. All the social spaces are placed on the ground floor and open up towards the backyard while all the private spaces are upstairs, hidden from view.

Many modern houses are inspired by a desire to reconnect with nature and to escape the concrete jungle and the constant noise of the city. Projects such as the EZ Residence successfully make that happen. This beautiful holiday home overlooks Sao Paulo from a distance, making the most of its remote location.

The entire ground floor of this modern house is a giant void with no walls to divide it from the outdoors and no other types of boundaries. It serves as a large multipurpose area for entertaining guests and various other activities. It’s a white house with a void ground floor and breathtaking views over the distant landscape.

Nature plays a huge role in the design of this four-storey family home and this time we’re not talking about distant views but about vertical gardens, raised plant beds and greenery which helps seamlessly blend the indoor and the outdoor.

Natural stone walls frame this beautiful house in Girona, Spain, complementing the brown facades. The scalloped edge adds an original touch to the design. Inside, the modern house is very serene and welcoming, featuring minimal, earthy colors which highlight the strong bond between the building and its natural surroundings.

A rugged topography would often discourage architects from pursuing a certain project but that wasn’t the case here. This modern house embraces the rugged terrain and takes advantage the unique features that come with it. On the outside, the house is imposing and quite massive but on the inside it’s a super cozy and inviting space.

A house can be modern and include design elements inspired by other styles or past eras without looking outdated. One such case is a this monolithic house from Rotterdam. It has a turf roof which does a great job at helping the building disappear into the landscape. This unique design translates rural architecture into contemporary minimalism.

It looks like a giant puzzle, a collection of individual volumes with different shapes and sizes, seamlessly interconnected. The house is located in Nova Lima, in Brazil and one of its most impressive defining characteristics is actually not even related to the architecture but to the amazing 360 degree panorama which can be admired from inside.

The fact that this is a one and a half story house is pretty interesting and unusual on itself but there’s actually more to this modern house. The building is organized into two functional zones, each with a different height and orientation. As a result, the roof is divided along its length and the spaces form two blocks. The result is a small family home that manages to look symmetrical by being irregular.

When the structure which previously occupied this site was demolished, some of the original pieces remained, like the stone walls, the garage or the entrance. These elements were preserved and then integrated into the design of a new modern home, House ED&JO. They contrast with the new structure’s clean and contemporary aesthetic and while the contrast is definitely very strong, the old and the new complement each other harmoniously.

With the river on one side and the mountains on the other, this tranquil home from Gapyeong, in South Korea, enjoys a very calm and serene ambiance and looks rather humble and modest thanks to its carefully-planned modern design and select palette of materials and finishes.

This is a duplex home located in Melbourne. It has a simple and open layout, with numerous connections to the outdoors. Its exterior is clad in black timber with contrasting white frames separating the two sections, giving each area privacy and individuality.

How do you design a house and give it everything without making it seem opulent? Well, check out this posh residence in Saint Tropez to find the answer. It’s amazing in every way and somehow it doesn’t come out as overwhelming. Most of the cool and grand features are initially hidden, with the street-facing facade being modest and mostly closed off.

The relationship between architecture and nature is not always limited to the size of the plot on which the structure is built. A lot of modern houses, this urban residence included, use their glazed facades to welcome the outdoors in, to frame the distant views and to establish a connection with beautiful panoramas from far away.

As you can tell just by looking at this picture, this isn’t a typical home. Located in Berlicum, The Netherlands, this is an H-shaped house with a modern extension which resembles a greenhouse. The interior spaces are big and open, with full-height windows exposing them to the outdoors and letting in an abundance of natural light.

The triangular shape of the site inspired a rather unusual design in this case. This curved concrete house is located Faqra, in Lebanon and has a pretty unique geometry. It’s a design which makes the most of a challenging location. It helps the building stand out and it also cleverly conceals a series of outdoor spaces which ensure that this modern house can be enjoyed all year round.

Even though the site on which is stands is small and surrounded by existing buildings, that doesn’t stop this bright and transparent house from capturing amazing views towards the Pacific Ocean. That’s possible thanks to its clever and unique design which helps the interior spaces rise over the other structures.

Here’s another modern house specifically designed to capture the best views and to make the most of its site. This time the house is situated in a glade, on a remote site in the middle of nature, on a gentle slope with the forest just a few meters away. The interior spaces are organized on two floors, one built with solid concrete walls and the other made of metal and positioned perpendicular to the other volume with the help of a crane.

This concrete house in Brazil is also located on a remote site, very close to the forest. Because the site has a steep slope, the building had to be divided into two volumes which are connected by a metal bridge. They each contain a set of different functions and they both take advantage of the location and the views.

As many examples have shown so far, each project presents a set of challenges. In the case of the Edge House, these came in the form of numerous building requirements and restrictions. The house had to have a pitched roof with a specific angle and that didn’t really go with the clean and modern aesthetic that the owner had in mind. As a result, an eclectic design was chosen for this hybrid family home.

No matter how you look at it, this simple concrete house looks exquisite from every angle. Seen from this side, it appears to be floating, perfectly balanced and lightweight. Step to the other side and you get to see how the three staggered volumes follow the topography of the site in response to the slope.

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