The Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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A throw-it-all-in-and-worry-later approach to kitchen drawer organization creates all kinds of problems. Not only does it potentially damage your kitchen gadgets, but it also wastes time because it always takes so long to find the thing you’re searching for. The answer is to turn to one of the best kitchen drawer organizers. These easy-to-install additions save your time and your kitchen utensils and cutlery at the same time.

Adding one of the best kitchen drawer organizers to your kitchen setup offers a number of handy benefits and makes the entire cooking process more convenient and efficient. These include:

  • Saving Time – Better in-drawer organization makes it easier to locate the kitchen tool, utensil or cutlery piece you’re looking for and can make you feel better in the process. Better organization can be particularly useful if you’re in the process of cooking and time is of the essence. Having a place for everything also helps you to identify what is missing if something happens to be lost.
  • Protection – Storing all of your kitchen items, especially kitchen knives, in a drawer on top of one another can actually lead to blunting, scratches and unwanted nicks. Adding a kitchen drawer organizer keeps everything sitting in the same direction, helping to prevent unwanted damage.
  • Easier Maintenance – When it comes to home cleaning, having a kitchen drawer organizer in place makes the task a lot easier. Not only do the insides of any drawer enjoy protection, but it’s also easy to remove the organizer and clean it in a more open space which is more convenient.
  • Versatility – The best kitchen drawer organizers are surprisingly versatile. Of course, these kitchen additions make organizing your kitchen drawers easy. However, they can also be used in other rooms in your home for organizing different items, such as food, art supplies, bathroom essentials and stationery.

Below we’ll look at how to choose the best kitchen drawer organizer for your home.

What To Consider Before a Kitchen Drawer Organizer

From silverware organizers to drawer separators, there are tons of nifty products to keep your kitchen clutter-free. You just need to find the right organizers for your home. In many cases, if you’re looking to achieve a full kitchen overhaul and implement a kitchen-wide organization system, you may need to invest in a combination of products.

When searching for kitchen drawer organizer ideas for your home, there are a few important questions to ask yourself before committing to your final decision.

How big is the drawer? One of the most important things to ensure is that the kitchen drawer organizer fits inside the drawer. At the very least, the kitchen drawer organizer should be smaller than the drawer. Beyond this, try and match up the sizes to be as close as possible to prevent the organizer from slipping when the drawer is opened and any unsightly gaps.

What do you want to store in the drawer? Make sure you think about the size of the cutlery or utensils you want to store in the organizer. Once you know what’s going in, ensure the organizer’s compartments are large enough to accommodate everything.

What style do you find more attractive? As previously mentioned, the best kitchen drawer organizers come in a range of shapes and sizes. They also come in a range of styles and materials. If you have a wood theme throughout your kitchen or prefer easy-to-clean plastic, there’s likely a kitchen organizer to fulfill your desires.

How We Chose the Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers

To ensure our list is made up of the very best kitchen drawer organizers, we have only included options that fulfill a certain set of criteria. One of the biggest factors for a top-performing organizer is its build quality and materials. For this reason, we made sure each product on the list is capable of withstanding day-to-day use. Other important factors include functional sections, good value for money and a wealth of ratings and reviews from happy users who have tried and tested the product over longer periods.

And remember that many of these organizers aren’t just for the kitchen. Your bathroom or office drawers might be in need of some love as well. So, if you’re ready to tidy up and implement a new organization system, here are our top picks for the best kitchen drawer organizers for every home.


1. Made Smart Large Silverware Tray


This silverware organizer is made of BPA-free plastic and has a soft-grip lining. It includes non-slip rubber feet, which keep the organizer in place in the drawer. With six spacious compartments, you can fit forks, knives, spoons and other small kitchen tools. This product is 16 inches long and close to 12 inches wide. Additionally, it is available in five colors and comes backed by more than 18,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers.

kitchen drawer organizer

Buy: Made Smart Large Silverware Tray $18.33


2. Room Essentials Flat Gray Drawer Organizer


At just $2, this Room Essentials Flat Gray Drawer Organizer is the most budget-friendly answer to organizing your kitchen drawers. This dishwasher-safe kitchen addition features five individual compartments for quick and easy organization of your kitchen flatware. It’s also constructed from a tough plastic which gives it a contemporary look and facilitates fuss-free maintenance while ensuring you will get many years of use from this durable organizer.

kitchen drawer organizer essentials target

Buy: Room Essentials Flat Gray Drawer Organizer $2.00


3. Room Essentials Interlocking Drawer Organizer Set


What’s great about this Room Essentials Interlocking Drawer Organizer Set is that it puts you in control. By allowing you to choose how the eight bins are arranged in your drawer using the interlocking mechanisms, you can tailor the layout to your exact needs or preferences. Each bin is also made from a durable polypropylene plastic, making it easy to clean and impressively durable. In addition, this versatile set can be cleaned using a dishwasher and used in drawers in other rooms of the house, too.

kitchen drawer organizer interlocking set

Buy: Room Essentials Interlocking Drawer Organizer Set $9.00


4. Joseph Joseph Kitchen Drawer Organizer


This drawer organizer stacks silverware using its unique design, saving space in your drawer in the process. There are three separate compartments that fit forks, knives and spoons which can be up to 9.75 inches in length. The product is 15.6 inches long and 4.33 inches wide and has received more than 70,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users. However, it’s not dishwasher safe, so you will have to wash it by hand.

kitchen drawer organizer

Buy: Joseph Joseph Kitchen Drawer Organizer $11.99 (orig. $13.99) 14% OFF


5. Wayfair Basics Flatware & Kitchen Drawer Organizer


This Wayfair Basics Flatware & Kitchen Drawer Organizer is a popular option which comes backed by more than 3,500 five-star ratings from Wayfair customers. It sports an attractive, open grate design and includes several compartments for housing all of your everyday flatware. This includes small, medium and large compartments. Additionally, this versatile home addition can be used for other in-drawer organization, such as housing makeup or stationery.

kitchen drawer organizer wayfair basics

Buy: Wayfair Basics Flatware & Kitchen Drawer Organizer $14.99


6. Eltow Expandable In Drawer Silverware Organizer


Thanks to its wide range of compartment sizes, this Eltow Expandable In Drawer Silverware Organizer is particularly well suited to housing every kind of kitchen tool, from flatware to utensils. Along with its expandable sides, which allow it to be adjusted between 13 to 23 inches wide, this makes the organizer one of the most versatile options on our list. In addition, this organizer is available in either gray or white and features non-slip rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement when in place.

kitchen drawer organizer eltow expandable

Buy: Eltow Expandable In Drawer Silverware Organizer $22.99


7. Rebrilliant Cedarpoint Drawer Organizer


If all you’re looking to store is your everyday flatware, you may want to consider this Rebrilliant Cedarpoint Drawer Organizer. This drawer insert is made from pine wood and sports an attractive rustic finish. It measures 14 by 10 by two inches and includes five individual compartments for storing knives, forks, spoons and other essentials. The compact yet sufficient space is capable of fitting into most standard kitchen drawers. Furthermore, the versatile organizer can be used in other drawers around the house.

kitchen drawer organizer rebrilliant cedarpoint

Buy: Rebrilliant Cedarpoint Drawer Organizer $24.99


8. Dynamic Gear Expandable Drawer Organizer


This Dynamic Gear Expandable Drawer Organizer fits most standard drawer sizes. It’s 17.5 inches long and two inches deep. The product starts with three compartments but has five when expanded. It’s made from water-resistant bamboo which is attractive to look at and easy to wipe down. This product is great for storing all of your hand-held kitchen utensils, but it can also be used for makeup, office supplies and small electronics.

kitchen drawer organizer

Buy: Dynamic Gear Expandable Drawer Organizer $27.99


9. Seville Classics Expandable Organizer


Made of sustainable bamboo, this multipurpose organizer expands from 13 to 23 inches to provide extra storage space for utensils and larger kitchen tools. The product is 18 inches long and 2.5 inches deep, so it fits inside most medium to large kitchen drawers. When cleaning, simply hand wash it with soap and water. While this product is ideal for a variety of kitchen utensils, you can also use this organizer in your bathroom, bedroom, sewing room and office.

kitchen drawer organizer

Buy: Seville Classics Expandable Organizer $27.99


10. Rebrilliant Organizer Set


If you like the idea of having more control over the arrangement of the compartments in your drawer, this Rebrilliant Organizer Set should be calling to you. The five compartment set is made from eco-friendly and renewable bamboo. Each compartment also features clean and smooth joints, ensuring they butt up to one another cleanly and without wasting space. The set’s broken down arrangement makes it particularly handy for cleaning up random items from around the kitchen as well as other household items, such as stationery and makeup.

kitchen drawer organizer rebrilliant

Buy: Rebrilliant Organizer Set $29.99


11. Rebrilliant Elishea Bathroom Drawer Organizer


Thanks to its see-through construction, this Rebrilliant Elishea Bathroom Drawer Organizer makes it easy to see what’s inside as well as any dirt or dust which builds up on its surfaces. While it may not appeal to everyone, this feature makes it easier to ensure the surfaces are completely free of dirt after cleaning. The larger-than-average compartments are particularly well suited to housing kitchen utensils. Furthermore, the plastic which it’s made from is durable, not easy to break and will last for years.

rebrilliant clear drawer organizer

Buy: Rebrilliant Elishea Bathroom Drawer Organizer $32.99


12. Royal Craft Wood Sprack4slots Spice Jars Drawer Organizer


This Royal Craft Wood Sprack4slots Spice Jars Drawer Organizer makes storing your spices, herbs, salts, peppers and baking supplies simple. The bamboo kitchen drawer organizer features four angled shelves which are ideal for neatly arranging jars, packets and small boxes in a way which allows you to read their labels and identify them in seconds. Additionally, while it’s made to be housed inside deep drawers which are four or more inches deep, the organizer can also be kept on a countertop to ensure all your spices are within reach when you’re creating in the kitchen.

sprack4slots spice jars drawer organizer

Buy: Royal Craft Wood Sprack4slots Spice Jars Drawer Organizer $40.43


13. Klutter Kutter Bamboo Drawer Divider


With these organizers, you can customize each drawer to fit large utensils and kitchen tools. Each divider extends from 17.75 inches to 22 inches and also sits 2.75 inches high. This product is also spring-loaded, so it’s easy to fit and creates a secure hold in the drawer. Additionally, the attractive bamboo construction is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth. Each set includes four dividers.

kitchen drawer organizer

Buy: Klutter Kutter Bamboo Drawer Divider $39.00


14. Rev-A-Shelf Wood Peg Board System


If you’re looking for an easy way to arrange your plates, bowls and other large kitchen items, this Rev-A-Shelf Wood Peg Board System is definitely worth checking out. The board measures 24 by 21 inches and comes supplied with nine interchangeable pegs which let you put them wherever works best for you. The versatile kitchen drawer organizer is also easy to wipe clean, made from natural maple and can be used on a countertop or as a drying rack.

rev a shelf wood peg board system organizer

Buy: Rev-A-Shelf Wood Peg Board System $72.99


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