The Best Fireplace Tongs That Handle Logs With Ease

Whether you have a fireplace in your home or a fire pit in your backyard, it’s an undeniable way to add ambiance. However, with that ambiance comes the responsibility of fire-stoking, and etiquette to keep everyone safe and away from the flames. A major part of keeping the firewood going is moving around the logs and adding in more wood.

To move those hot and sometimes heavy items, you’ll need a durable set of fireplace tongs. These tongs can be used on an open fire to reduce ash and either rearrange or add logs or coal, keeping it hot and adding distance to keep sparks away from your face.

Unless you have a set of fireplace tools, you’re probably in need of some fireplace tongs. But how exactly do you narrow down these very similar-looking accessories to find the best fireplace tongs for your needs? Look for steel or wrought iron construction, which tolerates heat well, will hold heavy logs without bending and last season after season. Read reviews to see if the tongs are better for single or double-handed use, and figure out which feels more ergonomic for you.

Keep an eye out for tongs that fold or have a slim structure if you’re looking to save space. We researched the best fireplace tongs on the market that consistently get high ratings in comfort, durability, and safety. Take a look at our list below!


1. The Perfect Campfire Grill Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers


Rarely do you come across firewood tongs with such a slim, streamlined profile. These steel log grabbers let you easily maneuver hot logs and are more attractive than basic models on the market. Whether your fire is indoors or outdoors, these tongs have your back and can even e left outside in the elements without getting damaged, as some reviewers have mentioned. While flimsier models seem to bend, these have an exceptional weight capacity and reach.

The Perfect Campfire Grill Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers Buy: The Perfect Campfire Grill Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers $31.99

2. Amagabeli Firewood Tongs Log Grabber


These wrought iron caw tongs from Amagabeli are some of the best firewood tongs on the market. Made from durable materials and a long length to keep you safely away from the flame, these wood tweezers can grip both small and large logs. Buyers like their ability to fold up, which takes up less storage space, and it’s the perfect buy if you’re looking to supplement a fireplace tool set that didn’t come with tongs.

Amagabeli Firewood Tongs Log Grabber Buy: Amagabeli Firewood Tongs Log Grabber $14.93 (orig. $15.99) 7% OFF

3. gb Home Collection Cast Iron Fireplace Tongs


For just under $11, you can get your hands on these heavy-duty cast iron fireplace tongs which can be used with one or two hands. The end tips let you hold onto smaller logs with more precision, while the wide opening allows you to accommodate larger logs easily, and strong rivet joints ensure the longevity of this product. For such a low price, these easy-to-use tongs are a no-brainer bargain buy.

gb Home Collection Cast Iron Fireplace Tongs Buy: gb Home Collection Cast Iron Fireplace Tongs $10.97

4. Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools


These minimalist, stainless steel tongs are designed by smokeless fire pit brand Solo Stove and come with a poker. While these tongs are designed especially to be used with their fire pit, you can also use them with other products. They feature a unique angle which adds a modern appearance and also makes adjusting wood easier. Tong tips are flattened, so that you can hold and pinch smaller pieces of wood, adding them in exactly where you want them.

Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools Buy: Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools $49.99

5. Ohio Flame Campfire Tongs


These black steel fireplace tongs by Ohio Flame don’t have the scissor-like handles and utilitarian look of similar models. Instead, this hand-forged, heavyweight product has a simpler look that blends in better. They’re by no means the cheapest choice on our roundup, but if your focus is on lasting quality and USA-made craftsmanship, it’s the product you should have your eye on. Use them with any fire pit, fireplace, or woodstove.

Ohio Flame Campfire Tongs Buy: Ohio Flame Campfire Tongs $79.95

6. Pyroclaw Ultimate Log Grabber


Some people actually use these fireplace log tongs as a multi-purpose grabber for other items as well, given their unique claw-style grabber design. It’s definitely not your typical fireplace tool, but people with big and small hands can easily use this tool. In terms of working with a wood stove, one reviewer says, “This 36-inch PyroClaw works well with the wood-burning oven’s depth. Long enough that one doesn’t have to stray into oven mouth territory and can move wood safely.“

Pyroclaw Ultimate Log Grabber Buy: Pyroclaw Ultimate Log Grabber $92.99

7. Pleasant Hearth Steel Fireplace Tool Set


You can always count on reliable home brand Pleasant Hearth to come up with a space-saving and simple design that’s easy on the eyes. Made from 100% steel, these 30-inch tongs maneuver tongs safely without looking too old-fashioned. It won’t detract any attention from your hearth, and one shopper says, “In a day and age where everything is made cheap and flimsy these tongs are built to last a lifetime.”

Pleasant Hearth Steel Fireplace Tool Set Buy: Pleasant Hearth Steel Fireplace Tool Set $13.91

8. Rocky Mountain Goods Firewood Tongs


If you’re looking for some good reviews to back your fireplace tongs up before purchasing, look no further than Rocky Mountain’s firewood tongs, which have over 3,400 reviews left by happy customers. Most of them highly recommend this lightweight yet sturdy wrought iron build, although some users with smaller hands have gripes about the handgrip design. Consider using both hands, as one reviewer says, “the problem with the one-hand technique is that the handle loops are not well-formed to accommodate human thumbs.”

Rocky Mountain Goods Firewood Tongs Buy: Rocky Mountain Goods Firewood Tongs $14.95

9. Shelter Logic 5 Piece Metal Fireplace


If you find yourself in need of multiple fireplace tools, consider buying a more cohesive set, like this handsome five-piece set by ShelterLogic rather than spending excessive amounts on a bunch of individual tools. Handles are notably more ergonomic than bulkier versions, and besides tongs, this set includes a shovel, brush, and poker, all delivered on a heavy-duty stand. One buyer comments, “this is sleek, perfect and works very well with our large fireplace.”

Shelter Logic 5 Piece Metal Fireplace Buy: Shelter Logic 5 Piece Metal Fireplace $84.99

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