Some tools

Even though I'm still trying to integrate all my shop stuff ( I got retired) with my house stuff I still go out and look. Here is some newly found stuff. Nothing was more than a dollar each. (except the box)

First one is -what I believe to be a Snapon overstrike. The socket next to it has no markings except size. This was in a ice cube tray with 4 other 20's Snapon sockets. $3

Second one is a Stanley nut driver.

Third Herbrand tool box. I have a nice bunch of Herbrand stuff to go in it. $25

Fourth and fifth This is the second partial set of Eastern Machine Screw sockets I've found. The speed wrench and universal are in exceptional shape. This set and the other were both found within a few miles of New Haven.

Sixth is a Blue Points tappet wrench. This came with the Eastern Machine stuff and a bag of mixed sockets. There was also a set (pictures later) of an unusual socket rack with hex drive sockets that just had a single digit on it. $15

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