Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

What makes the better gift — experiences or things? Luckily, outdoor gear can offer both. This Father’s Day is June 18! Give Pop something that can help get him to the moments and places he loves most. The high-quality outdoor gear on this list is sure to facilitate grand adventures and family fun for years to come.

Polaris Ranger XP 1000



Might as well start with a dream gift for many: an epic side-by-side. From yard work to hauling gear to the fishing hole, the Polaris Ranger XP 1000 can handle just about any side-by-side mission under the sun. Though it’s a highly versatile machine, it clearly leans toward the fun stuff — exploring rugged trails in ways that a full-size vehicle can’t.

For such a tough rig, the XP 1000 sports a surprisingly refined interior. On long treks into far-flung campsites, users will appreciate the plush seats and ample headroom. Key performance stats include an 82-horsepower ProStar Engine, 2,500 towing capacity, and 13 inches of ground clearance. It’s available in three-seat and six-seat configurations.

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Coleman Pro Hard Cooler



This one’s more realistic for most gift-givers, but still super useful and at the core of great experiences. Coleman — makers of the legendary two-burner camp stove — dropped a hardy new cooler just in time for Father’s Day. At just $100, the Pro 17-Quart Hard Cooler is an excellent value. Many coolers with similar specs cost twice as much or more.

The Pro is well stocked with the standard features of a quality modern-day cooler. Rubberized boots keep it from sliding around in the back of a truck, and the interior is antimicrobial-treated to help prevent mildew and funky smells. By the numbers, the Pro can hold up to 14 12-ounce cans (plus 9 pounds of ice), and the lid doubles as a fireside bench seat rated to support up to 300 pounds.

A variety of Coleman products will be on sale ahead of Father’s Day from June 11 to 18.

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lululemon Pique Oversized-Fit Long Sleeve Shirt



Lululemon maintains an immaculate reputation for crafting comfortable and practical apparel. The just-dropped New Venture Classic-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt ($118) is an impressive take on the go-everywhere button-up.

Though it can easily serve as a dress shirt or professional wear, the New Venture’s true function is active use. Made from quick-drying, four-way stretch fabric, it’s suited for a long day of travel, afternoon errands, or even a quick game of pickleball. Underarm gussets add plenty of mobility, and a “No-Stink Zinc” treatment should help keep odor to a minimum.

The New Venture shirt arrives alongside many other Father’s Day picks from lululemon, including the Relaxed Tapered Trouser and the Evergreen Jacket.

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Trager Grills MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer


If your pop enjoys cooking outdoors, he already knows the value of a reliable meat thermometer. Traeger Grills — known for popularizing wood pellet grills — also makes the MEATER. This simple yet high-tech meat thermometer allows users to monitor cooking meats via a Bluetooth connection from up to 165 feet away. That means Dad can keep an eye on the progress of the ribeyes while chillin’ on the couch with a beverage in hand.

According to Treager, the built-in Advanced Estimator Algorithm advises users on the ideal cooking and resting times for various types of meat and other foods. The MEATER is on sale now for $88.

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WhistlePig Whiskey Smoked Maple Old Fashioned Kit


Many cocktails are associated with backyard barbequing, but the Old Fashioned might be the reigning champ. WhistlePig Whiskey’s Smoked Maple Old Fashioned Kit ($100) marries the sweetness of maple with smokey notes and classic rye spice. The kit includes two forms of liquid gold — 100% PiggyBack Rye Whiskey and Runamok Maple Smoked Maple Syrup — both of which are barrel-aged.

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Glerups 100% Wool Boots


The GearJunkie team has been a fan of Glerups Slipper Boots for years. They’re warm and cozy enough for indoor use, and the rubber outsole adds utility for occasional trips to the end of the driveway. Made from 100% pure felted wool, these timeless slippers ($155) are sturdy, handsome, and built to last.

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Gerber Custom Artist Series Knife Collection



This ornate knife from Gerber is both a work of art and a practical everyday-carry tool. The pictured Fastball Clever Folding Knife ($200) has a precise cleaver-style blade with a durable black oxide finish and hand-drawn graphics by Oregon-based artist Jess Mudgett.

Mudgett’s illustrative style celebrates the natural world and gives a nod to a classic Americana aesthetic. From the high-mountain desert to the tropics, Jess created artwork that not only represents some of his personal favorite areas to adventure in but also where these knives and multitools come into use.

If this shape and style aren’t right for you, the knife is fully customizable. From materials to blade shape to finish color, you can craft your order to perfectly suit Dad’s needs and preferences.

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KUIU Ridgepoint Fleece Full Zip Hoodie



KUIU apparel is designed for hunting, but certain pieces — such as the Ridgepoint Fleece Full Zip Hoodie ($199) — work well for just about any outdoor activity. With its Polartec fleece construction, the Ridgepoint is designed to serve as standalone insulation in cool-to-cold conditions.

According to the brand, every fiber in this hoodie is individually coated, extending garment life without sacrificing breathability. The raised hand pockets are accessible even while wearing a backpack waist belt.

If this fleece is on par with KUIU’s proven reputation for excellence, Dad will enjoy it for years to come.

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Suunto Vertical Adventire GPS Watch



The Vertical ($629) is a new model from sport watch veterans Suunto. Every feature of the Vertical is geared toward full days of outdoor adventure. From multipitch climbing to downhill singletrack, this watch provides everything you need to stay on route and on pace.

A large 49mm color display clearly exhibits paths, contour lines, water, and landmarks on the Vertical’s pre-downloaded global maps. Integrated dual-band GPS promises reliable accuracy, even when surrounded by deep woods, cliffs, or skyscrapers.

The battery life is impressive too — 60-plus hours in the most accurate tracking mode and up to several months in standard watch mode. In the proper light conditions, the solar-charging version ($839) boasts 30% more battery longevity.

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Big Green Egg Grill


If you know BGE, you know that this funky-looking grill (price varies depending on size) is among the most versatile outdoor cooking stations on the market. From 20-pound turkeys to fresh charred pizzas, the Big Green Egg can handle just about anything that an oven can. Based on ancient Chinese and Indian earthenware ovens, the Egg’s design hasn’t changed much in over a decade — and for good reason. It works and it lasts.

The BGE is available in several sizes, but the “Large” is a great bet for most backyard cookout applications. It’s plenty big enough to cook for a crowd. We (and legions of fans) have tested the heck out of these Komodo grills and love their efficiency, ability to cook hot or cold, and versatility.

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Teravail Cannonball Tires



If your dad is all aboard the gravel train, these purpose-built tires ($68-78) from Teravail can help him up his game. The Cannonball tire sports a directional tread pattern with a tight-knit row of raised ugs down the center line. According to the brand, this innovative design shreds dirt and debris to decrease rolling resistance. Knobby L-shaped side lugs line both sidewalls for controlled cornering on soft surfaces.

According to several reviewers, the Cannonballs thrive on mud, sand, and hard-packed dirt. They’re tubeless-compatible and available in a wide range of standard sizes.

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iKamper ReCovery Collection Apron


Manufacturing outdoor gear often yields a mess of leftover byproducts. Now, rooftop tent maker iKamper is turning its excess material into practical, usable products. The brand’s Recovery Apron ($80) is made from repurposed textiles left over from the Skycamp 2.0 manufacturing process. As it turns out, the waterproof poly-cotton canvas used in the Skycamp is perfect for the kitchen or behind the grill.

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Dometic GO Compact Camp Chair


Dometic is known for its gold-standard coolers and on-the-go refrigeration systems. That’s not all though — the brand also crafts a whole host of top-notch car camping furniture and accessories.

For many weekend warrior dads, the success of a trip can hinge on the comfort of a single camp chair. The Go Compact ($150) is a sturdy and supportive foldable seat made from beechwood, aluminum, and heavy-duty 600D fabric. It’s the perfect spot to plop down and watch the world go by.

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1UP USA HD Double Hitch Rack


This durable bike rack ($650-700) is hands-down the burliest we’ve ever tested. Unlike most hitch-mounted bike rack brands, it’s clear that Ride1Up refuses to cut corners. One of our editors used this rack for over 6 months, regularly venturing over rugged terrain, rocky roads, and washed-out mountain passes. It held up to the regular abuse without a single issue.

Ride1Up racks may appear simple and understated, but even a quick visual inspection reveals undeniable quality. It’s almost entirely made from extruded aluminum, with few breakable or plastic parts. If Dad regularly hauls bikes, he can’t do any better than the USA HD Double Hitch Rack.


Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit


For many dads, cooking outside is a peak camping experience. Opinel’s Nomad Cooking Kit ($89) is a portable kitchen kit that’s lightweight enough for both car camping and backpacking.

The kit includes a pair of knives (one straight edge and one serrated), a bottle-opening corkscrew, a folding peeler, a cutting board, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

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Case Knives Westline



Case Knives’ Westline EDC knife ($190) is ideally suited for hunters, particularly when skinning game. Even for non-hunters, it looks like an excellent blade for everyday tasks such as opening boxes, peeling fruit, and fireside whittling.

Featuring a seriously acute drop point blade shape, the Westline offers precise cutting and a nimble working edge. The blade itself is made from durable S35VN stainless steel that should hold up to many years of regular use. The handsome curved aluminum handle is designed to be easy to clean and sit comfortably in the user’s hand.

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Solo Stove Fire Starting Greeting Cards


A holiday card from a loved one is a cherished representation of appreciation and love. The trouble is, what do we do with them when they start to pile up? Every holiday serves to move millions of cards from the shelves of CVS into the garbage. Solo Stove’s solution? Burn ’em!

This year, Solo Stove releases a series of Father’s Day cards (free! $10 shipping per order, or free with orders over $99) designed to be used as firestarters. Technically, just about any greeting card could be used as a fire starter but this one is meant to be so you don’t have to feel bad about it.

It’s a fun accompaniment if you plan to gift Dad a new grill or backyard fire pit.

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Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank


This nifty power bank ($200) is a compact yet powerful option for short car camping adventures. It’s not big enough to run a full off-the-grid overlanding rig, but it’s a reliable power source for recharging small devices such as laptops, phones, and GPS watches. During our testing, it fully charged an iPhone an impressive seven times before depleting.

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Natural Atlas Map and Field Recorder App


Natural Atlas is a deep well of mapping and field guide assets all crammed into a single smartphone app (free for basic and $40 for plus). The mapping feature enables users to overlap various layers of information in real time, including public land boundaries, topography, and satellite imagery. If you stumble upon a peculiar plant or rock feature during your travels, the field guide database can help you identify and learn more about the subject of interest.

With its unique combination of features, Natural Atlas can serve as a substitute for books, maps, and devices. It’s perfect for those life-long learner dads who enjoy hitting the trail and investigating the world around them.

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Freefly Bamboo Lightweight Performance Hoodie


We’ve tested dozens of sun shirts and hoodies, and the Freefly Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie ($68) is the clear winner of the “Most Comfortable” award. It’s buttery soft and wonderfully cool against the skin. It feels like silk pajamas, but it’s far more practical and durable.

The “bamboo” in the name comes from the shirt’s unique blend of 30% polyester with 70% viscose — a fiber derived from bamboo. The result is a stretchy, breathable, naturally cooling fabric. Plus, it boasts a sun protection rating of UPF 20-plus.

For long summer days on a boat, bike, or trail, this is a top contender for Dad’s new favorite shirt.

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