My New/Old Cleveland Drill Cabinet

Picked this up from a member of Practical Machinist a month or two back, empty. Thought you guys might like it, its a really cool old cabinet. Unfortunately UPS played football with it on the way here, and it got bent and dented when they dropped it. :mad: Fortunately, we were able to rack it back straight and get the drawers opening smooth again.

I got sick and tired of not having the drill I need when I need it. It's very hard to keep track of small twist drills in my life, so I bought this cool cabinet to try to corral the bits in one spot.

Ever wonder what $860 in twist drills looks like? I bought full packs of 1/16"-1/2" x 64ths in the screw machine size, plus the remaining tap drills up through 1/2". I'll fill the remaining drawers as we use them, I really don't want to throw down for a bunch of sizes I use once in a while and already have in indexes. So those pockets will get filled as time goes on.

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