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The Milwaukee M12 line offers a variety of different tools that cater to a wide variety of different building trades.  The M12 line is one of the largest 12V lines available on the market.  Today we are taking a look at the Milwaukee M12 Bandfile.

Milwaukee M12 Bandfile Overview

A bandfile is an extremely helpful tool for a variety of applications such as grinding, deburring, sanding surfaces, and finishing metal pipes, angle iron, fiberglass, and wood.  And Milwaukee being Milwaukee decided to up their game and offer two bandfiles as part of their cordless M12 line of tools.  So let’s take a look at some of the features.

Milwaukee M12 Bandfile Features


The Milwaukee Bandfile (model #2483-20) is built around a brushless motor that drives a 3/8″ x 13″ belt. (There is also model #2482-20 which is a 1/2″ x 18″ option.)

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As stated above, this is powered by Milwaukee’s popular M12 battery, which is inserted at the bottom of the handle (see below).


The tool features an over-mold grip with a comfortable indentation for your hand.


At the front of the handle, there is a variable speed trigger.  Plus you can lock the tool to the “ON” position.


The tool features a two-speed selection for forward, and reverse.


The compression stop pin is conveniently built into the tool. And speaking of convenience; you’ll also appreciate the “no tool required” belt changes.

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The file will rotate 360°.  Just lift the lock lever and rotate the arm to any angle.

Milwaukee M12 Bandfile Performance

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This tool can be used for a wide range of applications including but not limited to automotive, industrial, and metalworking.  We installed a headache rack on the back of Dan’s truck.  Some metal parts we had to retrofit so we had to cut some pieces.  The bandfile came in handy for us to round and smooth the different edges.

In regards to performance, this little bandfile is powerful and easy to work with.  Having the two speeds can be extremely helpful depending on the application.

Milwaukee M12 Bandfile Value

You can pick the Milwaukee Bandfile up at Home Depot for $$249.  If you are in the trades and need a bandfile, it’s worth the price as it will save time.  Plus you can now cut the cord, so no more extension cords or pneumatic hoses and you can get rid of that loud compressor.

Milwaukee M12 Bandfile Wrap Up

In the end, this is a great investment and another helpful addition to the Milwaukee M12 lineup.  I know a bandfile isn’t a sexy tool to talk about but for those who need one, it sure helps out a lot.  And the idea that you get pneumatic performance in a cordless tool says a lot.

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