Juvia Miami Beach: Still a favorite on Lincoln Road

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On top of the distinctive Herzog & De Meuron parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road is Juvia, a restaurant that provides amazing views as wonderful as its ceviche; and their ceviche is pretty great.

Juvia is a fusion restaurant popular with tourists and locals alike combining multiple cultures and bringing you dishes like ceviche, foie gras and gyozas. Even with the mix of styles and ingredients every dish is spot on in taste and presentation. When looking for a place to satisfy your seafood cravings and steakhouse needs, make your way to Juvia and take a seat at their rooftop patio.
Juvia’s ceviche is taken seriously; with plenty of fresh tasting options this could be a ceviche lover’s new favorite spot.

Their ceviche mix had tender chunks of octopus, flaky bites of fluke and slivers of red onions all soaked and marinated in the classic leche de tigre. The citrusy marinade is the first thing that washes over you when you take a bite, then the octopus and fluke come in and add a textured taste of the ocean.

The lobster ceviche was a good contrast to the traditional ceviche mix. Chunks of lobster, fresh seasonal cherry tomatoes that popped in your mouth and an aji leche de tigre that added a nice heat.
You need a drink to sip between bites of ceviche and views of the Miami skyline. Juvia’s got it covered with a long list of craft cocktails. Give their Elderflower Mule a try. A take on the Moscow mule with lemongrass and a splash of grapefruit juice, perfect for calming the heat from the aji leche de tigre.

Their Summer Lychee is a sweet pair for their tuna tartar or ceviche mix. Lychee puree and ketal one vodka makes this a simple and elegant drink.
Before we reach the entrées, I want to mention that Juvia has more than just ceviche for starters, although they definitely deserve most of the attention.

Take their octopus anticucho, sous vide octopus with fingerling potatoes and an olive aioli. The octopus in this dish has such a clean and true flavor to it because of the way it was cooked. The fingerling potatoes are fluffy with a crispy skin and mix well with the aioli. I paired this with their Julio Caliente cocktail. A tequila and lime-juice drink with an aji infused aperol.
Juvia’s eclectic background and cuisines all showcase in their entrées. They have the steakhouse classics like bone-in ribeye and NY strip; Mediterranean classics like branzino and seafood pasta; and Asian takes like Korean short-ribs. It’s safe to say that this is where Juvia gets to show off their range.

My choice of the night was the king crab risotto. A creamy, cheesy bowl of risotto with chunks of crab and asparagus. Again, the aji amarillo showed up in the form of an aji lobster stock that the risotto was cooked in. This whole dish felt homey and traditional yet elevated by meticulous hands.

It felt necessary to wash down such a bold dish with something simple and refreshing. The Mula Fresca is a tequila, mezcal and lime-juice cocktail made to refresh and prepare you for dessert.
Nothing is held back here at Juvia: the ceviches are bright and unique, the cocktails strong and elegant, the entrées eclectic and bold, and the desserts are hard to pass up. A list of temptations like berry cheesecake, tart key lime pie, a classic banana split and even a Juvia shot of fruit puree and Bacardi rum foam.

in the end, it was decided that the Chocolate Feuilletine was the best route. Layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate crumble, a garnish a tart morello cherries to help balance the flavors and a scoop of Kirsch (a cherry brandy) ice cream for that perfect bite.

One last look at the view of Lincoln road and the distant Miami skyline was enough to bring the night to a gentle end. Juvia has found its craft, and they show it off well.


1111 Lincoln Rd

Miami Beach, FL 33140
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