How to Organize Your Garden Tools

For those of you who like gardening, of course you have a set of garden tools. Of course, you need garden tools to support your gardening activities. These are not just one. If you can’t manage your garden tools and organize them properly, you may have trouble finding them. You need some organizer ideas to organize your garden tool. There are some garden tool organization ideas that you can choose from. Starting from buying it to reusing items that you don’t use, you can choose for your garden tool organization ideas.

How to organize your garden tools1

To organize your garden tools, use hangers. They keep your tools off the ground and well-aired while making them easily accessible. You can hang even long-handled tools, such as shovels and forks. You can also organize your garden tools by using a hook. Moreover, a pallet rack can be used to organize your garden tools. For another garden tool organization idea, you can take a pegboard, storage container, make a shed garden, wood cart, and more. For more ideas, here are references for you.


Pegboard Garden Tools Organization from cutediyprojects


Box Storage for Garden Tools from cutediyprojects


DIY Garden Tool Rack from cutediyprojects


Garage Organization from cutediyprojects


Garden Tool Turned Into Storage from cutediyprojects


Wall Mounted Pallet Garden Tools from cutediyprojects


Repurposed Rack Organization from cutediyprojects


Recycled Coat Hangers from cutediyprojects


Hanging Wicker Basket from onecrazyhouse

Bucket hung on the wall

Bucket Hang On the Wall from onecrazyhouse

Clay pots

Clay Pot Organization from onecrazyhouse

Garden tool pegboard

Garden Tools Wall Pegboard from onecrazyhouse

Jeans pocket bucket caddy

Jeans Pocket Bucket Caddy from onecrazyhouse

Mailbox tool storage

Mailbox Tool Storage from onecrazyhouse

Potting bench with sink and hose

Potting Bench with Sink and Hose from onecrazyhouse

Pvc pipe and some wooden boards

Pvc Pipe and Wooden Boards from onecrazyhouse

Upcycle old steel rake

Upcycle Old Steel Rake from onecrazyhouse

Weathered garden tool rack

Weathered Garden Tool Rack from onecrazyhouse

Diy storage shed

DIY Storage Shed from itsoverflowing

Garden tool rack

Wooden Garden Tool Rack from itsoverflowing

Gardening tool holder

Gardening Tool Holder from itsoverflowing

Pegboard shelf for garden tools

Pegboard Shelf for Garden Tools from itsoverflowing

Storage cart

Storage Wooden Cart from itsoverflowing

Vintage bucket garden tools storage

Vintage Bucket Garden Tools Storage from itsoverflowing

Wooden pallet

Wooden Pallet Stotage from itsoverflowing

Yard tool storage

Yard Tool Storage from itsoverflowing


DIY Vintage Pallet Organization from balconygardenweb


DIY Teak Wood Garden Tool Organization from balconygardenweb


Wall Mounted Pallet Garden Tools from balconygardenweb


Hanging Small Pallet Organization from balconygardenweb


Wall Hook Organization from thespruce


Outdoor Pegboard Garden Tool Organization from thespruce


Rustic Look Fence with Hook from thespruce

Repurpose an old mailbox

Repurpose an Old Mailbox Storage from thespruce

Scrap wood

Scrap Wood Garden Tool Storage from thespruce


Pallet Wood Shed Organization from thespruce


Natural Wood Bench Storage from thespruce

Tool bucket with household products

Tool Bucket with Household Products from thespruce


Standing Wood Pallet Garden Tool Organization from thespruce


Hanging Storage on the Wall from gardeningetc

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