How to Add an Attractive Look to Your Garden with Summer Trellis Ideas

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, includes garden activities. During this summer, you can grow any plant and flower. If you are planning to plant climbing plants in your garden, you should consider adding a trellis in your backyard. A trellis is a fantastic way to grow vines or flowers. These beautiful structures are not only useful for staking your plants, but they can also add a touch of art to your garden. Therefore, you can consider adding a trellis into your garden.

How to add an attractive look to your garden with summer trellis ideas1

And for this summer, there are many types of trellis, and you can choose from a wide variety of materials, such as wood, iron, wrought iron, bamboo, and more. Some trellises are square-shaped; others are circular, or triangle. The trellis archway design can be the next options. You can use them to create a screen, or to delineate areas in your garden, as in this summer garden design. Planters below a trellis can be used to support climbing plants, such as clematis or hydrangea. For privacy, you can plant a hanging planter on top of the trellis. Here are references for you.


Cattle Panel Trellis from countryliving


DIY Trellis Planter Box from countryliving


DIY Clematis Trellis from countryliving


DIY Copper Trellis from countryliving


DIY Fancy Trellis from countryliving


DIY Trellis Wall Mounted from countryliving


Freestanding Garden Trellis from countryliving


Garden Tools Trellis from countryliving


Modern Style Trellis from countryliving


Pea Trellis Garden from countryliving

Honeycomb trellis

Wooden Honeycomb Trellis from countryliving


Rustic Trellis Garden from countryliving


T-Post Trellis from countryliving


Wooden Trellis Planter from countryliving

Chevron climbing lattices

Chevron Climbing Lattices from homebnc

Diy cottage-style hanging branch trellis

DIY Cottage Style Branch Trellis from homebnc

Diy planters and arch trellis

DIY Planters and Arch Trellis from homebnc

Drain pipe clematis tower

Drain Pipe Clematis Tower from homebnc

Homemade wooden vine trellis

Homemade Wooden Vine Trellis from homebnc

Recycled coat rack plant trellis

Recycled Coat Rack Plant Trellis from homebnc

Rustic wooden climbing

Rustic DIY Wooden Climbing from homebnc

Sculptural asymmetrical flower trellis

Sculptural Asymmetrical Flower Trellis from homebnc

Vine climbing lattice trellis

Vine Climbing Lattice Trellis from homebnc

Wire tellis for vines

Wire Rellis for Vines from homebnc

A frame trellis

Wooden Frame Trellis from diys

Arbor trellis

Arbor Trellis from diys

Backyard privacy trellis

Backyard Privacy Trellis from diys


Bike Rim Trellis from diys

Diy clematis trellis

DIY Clematis Trellis from diys

Diy cucumber trellis ideas

DIY Wooden Cucumber Trellis from diys


DIY Wire Trellis from diys

Fan-shaped wood trellis

Fan Shaped Wood Trellis from diys

Garden arch trellis

Garden Arch Trellis from diys

Old door wooden trellis

Old Door Wooden Trellis from diys


Old Mattress Springs Trellis from diys

Shovel garden-tool-trellis

Shovel Garden Tool Trellis from diys

Wall trellis for corners

Wall Trellis at the Corner from diys

Backyard with trellis

Backyard Decoration with Trellis from realhomes

Bamboo trellis

Natural Bamboo Trellis from realhomes

Diy freestanding trellis

DIY Freestanding Trellis from realhomes

Dramatic trellis

Privacy Dramatic Trellis from realhomes

Natural trellis

Natural Wall Trellis Design from realhomes


White Wooden Trellis from realhomes

Obelisk trellis for vegetables

Obelisk Trellis for Vegetables from realhomes

Pergola as a trellis

Pergola as a Trellis at the Backyard from realhomes


Wall Mounted Floral Trellis from realhomes

Trellis archway for roses

Trellis Archway for Roses from realhomes

Trellis fencing garden

Trellis Fencing from realhomes

Trellis for privacy

Trellis for Privacy Patio from realhomes

Unpainted trellis panels

Painted Trellis Panels from realhomes

Vegetable garden up your trellis

Vegetable Garden up your Trellis from realhomes

Wisteria pergola trellis

Wisteria Pergola Trellis from realhomes


Arbor Garden Trellis from nextluxury


Colorful Branch Garden Trellis from nextluxury


DIY Framed Garden Trellis from nextluxury

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