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I own a Hörmann Supramatic 3 garage door opener and in my house I've also set up Loxone home automation system, so I decided to connect the opener to the automation system, so I can control the garage door remotely.

For that to work I needed to buy a UAP (universal adapter, meant for uses like these) and connect it to my Loxone miniserver.

I found this guide, which made the setup easier and I've setup everything accordingly.

The status (fully closed, fully open, mid drive) works perfectly fine, however I am having issues with the motion commands (move up, move down, stop), as they only work sometimes and in some directions - which is most likely due to me wiring it up incorrectly (however the guide linked above is not very specific about the wiring etc).

Currently I use the Loxone Relay Extension (basically classic relays) through which I wired a cable on which I run 24V DC if the relay is on.

On the UAP it connects to input 10, 17, 15 and 23 where 10 + 17 is wired to one relay and 15 + 23 to another. I am an electronics amateur and can't figure out based on the schematic below if that is correct?

Currently I send a 0.5 impulse through when you press open/close in the home automation system - as that's similar to how the garage door remote control works, but not sure this is correct.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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