Home Depot Stopped Selling Estwing Hammers

Estwing 12oz Claw Hammer at Home Depot

It appears that Home Depot is no longer selling Estwing hammers.

I cannot find Estwing hammers at Home Depot stores anymore, and a search of their website turns up Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Husky hammers, as well as a couple of paid-placements for new Crescent models.

Although a surprising move, there were small changes leading up to this.

Estwing Rubber Mallet at Home Depot mid-2021
Estwing rubber mallets at Home Depot (April 2021)

I first noticed substitutions being made back in 2021. Show here are Estwing 24oz dual-head rubber mallets.

Husky Rubber Mallet at Home Depot late-2021
Husky rubber mallets at Home Depot (November 2021)

Later that year, new Husky 24oz dual-head rubber mallets appeared in stores.

Fast forwarding to July 2022, there were numerous styles and sizes of Estwing hammers on the shelves at Home Depot stores.

Estwing Ultra Hammer Clearance at Home Depot 2022
Select Estwing Hammers on Clearance (August 2022)

In August, Estwing’s most premium hammers went on clearance, although but their other framing hammers were not yet affected.

Estwing Ace and Crescent Hammer at Home Depot Late 2022
Estwing Axes at Home Depot (October 2022)

As of October 2022, my local Home Depot stores still had a couple of Estwing products on the hammer rack, such as short steel-handle axes.

Now? As of January 2023, they’re all gone. Home Depot still sells some Estwing tools on their website, with a filtered brand search bringing up listings for two pry bars, a couple of tool belts and related products, and air nailers and hoses. But no hammers.

Home Depot sells all kinds of tools and products on their website that you will never find in-store. For the retailer to completely scrub Estwing hammers and striking tools from their stores and website, that suggests either a particularly bad breakup, or perhaps a new exclusivity arrangement between Estwing and Lowe’s.

Lowe’s continues to carry numerous Estwing products in stores and online.

Did Home Depot dump Estwing? Or did Estwing leave Home Depot? What kinds of decisions could explain what we’re seeing here?

Brand changeovers don’t happen often, but they’re not uncommon.

For example, have you noticed that you cannot find Vaughan hammers at Home Depot stores anymore?

Even so, you can still find Vaughan products on Home Depot’s website. That the same isn’t true for Estwing makes this a more interesting development.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and messaged ToolGuyd about this!

If you’re looking to buy Estwing hammers, good news – they’re still widely available at other home improvement retailers and online.

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