Flex Brings Pro Modular Tool Boxes to Lowe’s with Stack Pack


Flex recently aired their Flex Faceoff Round 2 video, where they showed how their cordless power tools bested leading competing systems in performance tests. As a part of the show, Flex also gave everyone a first look at their new Stack Pack modular tool storage system.

The new Flex Stack Pack tool box system is aimed at the pro market, with Milwaukee Packout and Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0 identified as the top competition.


Flex Stack Pack features auto-connecting side latches.


The large tool box features gas struts, and can be opened even when connected on top of a rolling tool box.


It was also shown to have built-in accessory case mounting within the inner lid.


The extending handle of the rolling tool box can be removed to help the tool box better fit in smaller spaces, such as in a covered truck bed.


There also look to be mounting points built into the tool box corners/

As part of the announcement, Flex made it clear that they would be releasing a “full array of [Stack Pack] attachments,” including a battery holder, adjustable charger holder, level holder, tool rack rail, cord wrapper, and connectable accessory kits.


Flex power tool accessory cases will also be part pf the Stack Pack system.


The Flex Stack Pack accessory cases feature clear lids and what look to be one quick-opening latches.

This is the extent of our knowledge about the Flex Stack Pack tool box system, with much more to come.

Flex Stack Pack will be available at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Modular Tool Box Systems


Lowe’s had published product listings for a new Kobalt CaseStack tool box system, but the system has yet to officially launch.

Craftsman TradeStack Tool Box Combo Hero

Lowe’s is also home to the Craftsman TradeStack system, which was recently expanded with a new tool bag.

Craftsman Versastack three piece combo

The Craftsman VersaStack tool storage system has been available at Lowe’s for several years now.

Qbrick Modular Tool BoxSystem at Lowes 2pc Combo

Online-only, Lowe’s carries the Qbrick modular tool box system.

Competing against Lowe’s, Home Depot has Husky Connect (which recently added a 2-drawer unit), Ryobi Link, Ridgid Pro tool boxes, Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0, and Milwaukee Packout.

It seems that Flex Stack Pack will be Flex and Lowe’s solution to counter the Dewalt ToughSystem and Milwaukee Packout systems available at Home Depot.

There are definitely some innovative aspects of the new Stack Pack system, with thoughtful details and differentiations. We’ll update you as we learn more.

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