Don’t let Tesla Cybertruck’s new tool rack distract from its oversize windshield wiper

Tesla Cybertruck tool rack
Forget the tool rack; stay focused on the wiper. | GIF: Tesla

We here at The Verge are committed to delivering to you hard-hitting journalism that touches on the defining issues of our times. Issues like climate change, artificial intelligence, free speech, and, of course, the Tesla Cybertruck’s comically oversize windshield wiper.

Yesterday, Tesla teased a new accessory for the Cybertruck: a tool rack that attaches to the bed of the electric pickup truck. At first glance, this would seem to be an obvious accessory to offer to truck customers, many of whom are contractors and tradespeople with a wide variety of tool storage needs. The Cybertruck aspires to be a truck for all types of people, and a tool rack helps illustrate the types of accessories that will be available when it eventually comes...

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