Dewalt Updated Their Utility Knife Blade Retail Packaging


Dewalt has made significant changes to their utility knife blade retail packaging.

I first noticed the new packaging today while browsing the tool aisles at my local Home Depot store.

It looks like Dewalt applied their new packaging to higher-count replacement blade dispenser packs, and it is not clear whether they will do their same for their 5-count SKUs.

Dewalt Utility Knife Blade Packaging Q1 2022 Closeup

Dewalt’s new utility knife blade retail cards have large images of their respective blade shapes, along with a highlighted description of their intended applications.

Major features and selling points are featured on the front of the card, and the number of included blades is clearly depicted.

There are also graphics showing the general purpose blades’ tip strength, wear resistance, and life. This information will presumably be useful for comparing different qualities across other styles of Dewalt everyday-use utility knife blades.


The rear of the packaging has additional product details, such as typical corporate information, country of origin, and the UPC code.

A worker or customer had reversed the orientation of two blade packs on their pegs, and I noticed that there are still sufficient details to identify the blade types.

Dewalt Utility Knife Blade Packaging Older Style Front and Back
An example of Dewalt’s older style of blade dispenser packaging.

Dewalt’s prior blade dispenser packaging had a much different look.

Assuming that Dewalt does the same with all of their utility knife blade packs, or at least the higher count SKUs that come with dispenser boxes, the new packaging might allow for quicker and more informative comparisons.

At the least, the larger-than-life images on the retail card fronts should allow for quicker selection.

I wonder – will Dewalt’s redesigned retail packaging give them a competitive edge? The new look definitely grabs my eye and helps the Dewalt blade packs stand out on the shelf. I’ll be sure to check back to see how everything looks when the display rack is fully restocked.

It remains to be seen whether utility knife blade packs from Dewalt’s sibling brands, namely Stanley, Craftsman, Irwin, and Lenox, will be given similar treatment.

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