All Electronics is Going out of Business – Everything is on Clearance

All Electronics Out of Business Sale 2023

I just received an email newsletter about All Electronics having a final clearance sale as they close the business.

All Electronics is an electronics discount store. They carry surplus parts and misc supplies, such as switches, wiring, LED modules, and more.

I first learned of the company years ago, probably through a magazine ad, and fondly remember going through their slim booklet-style catalogs.

All Electronics says:

After 56 years supplying surplus and new electronic parts and supplies, we have decided to call it quits.

They expect to fully close shop before the end of August, 2023.

Browsing All Electronics is kind of like going through a tinkerer’s spare and harvested parts rack. They’ve got a bunch of useful stuff for prototyping with, but I’d never buy parts or components to spec from there.

Most products have some basic info, but don’t expect to see a typical datasheet.

I’ll be sure to browse the store a couple more times before they close.

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