7 Awesome Shed Organizing Videos

Today we are going to take a look at 7 awesome shed organizing videos.

For over two generations, we have been building high quality, fully customizable portable buildings and we would love to customize one for you too.

Weve compiled these great shed organizing videos to help you get a head start on this years fast-approaching spring cleaning. Lets get going!

7 Awesome Shed Organizing Videos

Here are some great shed organizing videos that will help you make the most out of your shed storage. You can also re-purpose many of the ideas in these videos to help you organize other areas in your home such as your attic, basement or garage.

Why It Makes the List? This video shows you how to organize by starting out with an empty shed

Description: Heres a great before and after shed organizing video. The hosts are really personable and it is great at giving you a step by step organization process from an empty to a full shed.

Its full of great organizational hacks and it is pretty realistic about shed organizing; its not always easy! They even throw in the occasional gardening tip as a bonus.

What Sets this Video Apart: This video is great if you love to see before and after results.

Running Time: 9:47

Producer: Weed em & Reap

Why It Makes the List? The tips are very practical and the instructions are really easy to follow

Description: This video gives you some great shed organizing ideas for custom tools and outdoor toys. It includes 7 different projects that are very easy to do even for a beginner.

One of the great ideas shown is how to build a simple ladder right on the wall of your shed for easy access to the things you want to store up high. What a great idea it saves you having to dig out and set up a ladder each time.

What Sets this Video Apart: This video will be especially helpful for the beginner diy person.

Running Time: 5:51

Producer: April Wilkerson

Why It Makes the List? The video is super fast to watch and the shelves are super fast to make.

Description: If you dont have a lot of time to build shelves for your shed and you dont have a lot of time to even watch a video, then this video is for you. Its lasts less than 3 minutes, but it will give you a fast and effective overview about what to expect and how to go about making some simple and cost-conscious shelves to help with your shed organizing.

These shelves were made with 1/2 OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and some 2X3s. It cost about $40 to make 3 shelves.

What Sets this Video Apart: This video is perfect for those who dont want to spend a lot of time and money on shed organizing.

Running Time: 2:51

Producer: DIY Builds

Why It Makes the List? The project is easy enough for a beginner DIY and the instructions are very clear

Description: This video is great for all of you who struggle with making the most of the limited space in your tiny shed. The addition of a workbench can help you with your shed organizing by giving you the a valuable work space as well as extra storage space.

If you dont want to go to all the bother of making your own workbench, Classic Buildings sheds offer a workbench option!

What Sets this Video Apart: This video is geared towards the small shed owner.

Running Time: 11:01

Producer: Matthew Hooks

Why It Makes the List? This video is perfect if you have a larger shed and want to make the most of your extra space

Description: Even though you may have a larger shed, and you think that there is plenty of space to store everything you need, its important to still think about your shed organizing.

A large shed can get just as messy as a smaller one and the easy-to-do tips for making shelves, rafters, racks, and a loft for storage in this video can help you keep your shed organized and with plenty of room for your larger lawn equipment.

What Sets this Video Apart: This video is perfect if you have a larger shed.

Running Time: 11:45

Producer: DIY Pete

Why It Makes the List? These 5 projects are very practical and well explained

Description: Our next great shed organizing video shows you 5 different projects that would be helpful for most sheds. These include:

  • How to reinforce an existing shelf
  • How to make a tall shelf
  • How to hang a tool storage rack for short handled tools
  • How to organize your long handled tools in a floor crate
  • How to make a raised platform for your lawn mower

The steps are clearly outlined and documented by the video, plus the presenter does a great job of telling you what types of materials he is using throughout.

What Sets this Video Apart:This video gives you some ideas that you wont see in the other videos, like a raised platform for your lawnmower.

Running Time: 15:20

Producer: Suj Menon

Why It Makes the List? This video is great for the handyman who wants some great ideas

Description: If you prefer to watch a great shed organizing project rather than listen to someone talk about every step that they are doing, then this is the video for you. Its well-paced so you can easily follow the organizational steps, yet it doesnt drag on.

You get to see the before and after of the project. If you are already a handyman yourself and dont need detailed instructions, but you like to get ideas from watching another handyman, then you will enjoy the rapid stop-action footage.

What Sets this Video Apart: This video is made for the experienced handyman.

Running Time: 10:12

Producer: The Fixer

Classic Buildings: Shed Organizing Starts Here

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Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

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