6 Things to Have in Your Home Garage #CP

It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of DIY or a car enthusiast, if you own a house or a car you will need some tools and you probably have a garage to store them in. Here are some of the items you need in your garage to make the most of it.

Power Tool Station

Power tools are a must for any DIY job. Having a station for your power tools ensures they are always charged and ready to go. The nuts and bolts on a car need to be properly attached, and your bare hands are not strong enough to make sure they are tight enough. Having a station means you are less likely to lose those precious drill bits in the rest of your tool box.

Sports Racks

If you have kids, you will know how many balls they seem to collect. At some point, you may look at the collection and wonder if they are breeding. Installing a sports rack can help keep the footballs and basketballs from taking over the garage. They normally come with hooks to hang rackets and light bags from, so you can easily store the sports gear in one place.

Garden Tool Station

Garden rakes and brushes can be a pain if they are not stored properly. Investing in a holder for these items can help keep the garage a lot tidier. Even hanging large hooks on the wall to mount the lighter tools can be a real space saver. It also stops them from falling over and damaging them.

Bike Storage Racks

If you ever get your kids off their bikes, you should consider a bike storage rack. Some of these can be mounted on the wall and are great for your own bike. However, if your kids are avid bikers who enjoy cycling a lot, you may need a floor storage that they can park their bikes in. This can take up space but it does stop the bikes from getting in a tangle.

Safety Containers

If you do any DIY or car maintenance, there is a good chance that you have dangerous chemicals knocking about the place. Make sure that little ones can’t get at them and read up about storing adblue safely. If you discover a container is leaking, clean up the spill and dispose of the chemicals safely at your local rubbish facility. They have specialist bins for these so they don’t harm the environment.

Multi Purpose Bins

If you aren’t too sure what will be going into your garage, a storage bin is a great place to start. Not only can they hold any tools you have, they can be labelled clearly so things are easier to find. Anything can be stored in these buckets, including the kids' garden toys. This makes them ideal for the colder months when you pack all of the outside toys away until they need them next year. These are also a great way to store Christmas decorations, especially the outdoor lights.

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