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AmazonBasics 1.5 Inch Heavy Exercise Training Workout Battle Rope - 3441.51.5 inch, Black


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POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope, 1.5" Width Poly Dacron 30/40/50ft Length Exercise Equipment for Home Gym...


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GSE Games & Sports Expert 30ft/40ft/50ft Exercise Training Battle Ropes with Anchor Kit (1.5"/2"...


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GYMENIST Heavy Duty Workout Battle Rope for Exercise Training, Material - Polyester (20, 1.5 Inches...


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Bonnlo Exercise Rope 1.5"/ 2" Width Poly Dacron 30/40/50ft Length, Battle Rope Workout Training...


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Battle Rope - 1.5 Inches Width Poly Dacron 30 Feet Length Exercise Undulation Ropes - Gym Muscle...


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Pro Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit – Upgraded Durable Protective Sleeve – 100% Poly Dacron...


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INTENT SPORTS Durable Battle Ropes (1.5 inch Diameter x 30 ft Length)


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XGEAR Heavy Battle Rope,Anchor Strap Kit/Wall Hanger Included - Exercise Training Rope 100% Poly...


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Keepark Battle Rope, Anchor Kit Included, Exercise Training with Polyest Cover, Available in 1.5"/2"...


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A battle rope is a type of fitness tool that targets many different areas of your body. People use it for cardio, strength, and much, much more. It’s a versatile and entirely practical tool, but one that isn’t going to suit everyone.

If you are looking for a battle rope to complement your fitness routine, then read on. Here are ten standout battle ropes for sale, and considerations for how to find the one that works for you. 

1. Firebreather Battle Ropes for Full Body Workout

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When the time comes to welcome a new form of exercise into your life, then enjoy a full-body workout with this battle rope from Firebreather. Not only is it available in five different sizes, but its goal is to provide you with a top to toe exercise program that benefits your strength, muscles, and fitness. 

It comes with a protective sleeve to stop the polydac rope from fraying, and it even has a guide to show you the best way to use it. The addition of the anchor strap set and stainless-steel carabiner is a nice touch, although these accessories are potentially not as strong as they could be. 

Men and women of various fitness levels can ultimately see the value in this long and thick battle rope. It will challenge your core, improve your cardio, burn fat, and more. There’s every reason to check it out for yourself and start your new fitness routine in earnest. 


Five sizes
Guide included 
Anchor strap set 
Protective sleeve
Stainless-steel carabiner 
Polydac materials


You can choose a size to suit 
It comes with exercise recommendations
It has a protective sleeve to stop it from fraying 
You can connect the strap to a fixed point 
Robust materials 
Affordable to buy
Ideal strength workout 
Suitable for any fitness level


The clip’s strength is not reflective of the bulk of the rope 
The anchor strap is not all that strong 

2. AmazonBasics Battle Training Rope 

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A new battle rope is a worthwhile investment, and this one is no exception. It’s ideal for strength training and can work wonders for your abs, shoulders, arms, legs, back, and core muscles. Even better, it’s affordable for many people and also comes with a generous one-year warranty in case you strike any problems. 

This battle rope from AmazonBasics is all about making sure an exercise routine is entirely accessible. Use it for undulation, pull, and climb exercises, and enjoy its strength and robustness thanks to the three-strand thickness and polyester blend of materials. 

What people also enjoy about this rope is the size. It’s available in six size options to ensure you can pick one that’s right for you. However, its thickness makes it hard to grip for some people, even though there is a handle covering to help with that. Some people also notice that it frays, which is not ideal for its longevity and everyday use.

However, given its price and how it can roll up for easy storage once you’re finished with it, this rope is still worth a closer look. Let it help you on your fitness journey today. 


Six size options 
Three-strand thickness
Polyester blend 
Pull, climb, and undulation exercises
One-year warranty 


It’s available in different lengths
It’s affordable
You can use it on your own or with a group
Generous warranty period
Ideal for core, arms, legs, back, abs, and shoulders 
It can roll up for secure storage 


It can be hard to grip
It frays 

3. Power Guidance Length Exercise Equipment Battle Rope 

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Workouts can get pretty dull when you do the same thing every day, so why not pick up a battle rope and add something exciting to your routine? This rope from Power Guidance is an ideal option for beginners, intermediate, and pros, who all want to change the way they work out. 

It’s available in six sizes to suit various workout levels, and it even comes with a battle rope anchor. This proves useful for getting the most out of your workout session. The rope quality will not disappoint, either. 

It features both polydac and polypro materials in a three-strand twisted design. If that’s not enough, Power Guidance takes it one step further by covering the entire rope in a nylon sleeve to reduce the risk of abrasion and a shorter rope lifespan.

For grip, there are heat-shrink handles that travel a generous length up the rope. Thanks to these, you’re able to enjoy a far more stable and secure workout without needing to hold onto the rope itself. 

If you are starting out using a battle rope for the first time, then choose a shorter, thinner one. You can then upgrade to a longer, thicker one at a later date. However, note that the length of each rope is not entirely accurate, so a 50-foot rope, for example, might be shorter. Regardless of these points, you will likely see much value and benefit in buying this rope from Power Guidance. 


Six size options
Poly dacron material
Battle rope anchor included
Three-strand twisted design
Nylon protective sleeve
Heat shrink handles


Ideal for home or gym use
The long handles offer premium grip
There are plenty of size options to choose
The rope materials are durable and long-lasting 
The sleeve over the rope protects it from friction
It’s affordable to buy
It comes with an anchor to help change up your workout routine 
Suitable for many different workouts 
You can choose a shorter, thinner rope if you are learning 


The length is not overly accurate 
4. Geardo Length Exercise Battle Rope 

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Sometimes it can be quite hard to buy a new battle rope that instills confidence. You may have had problems in the past with quality, or you may not have liked how it felt to use. Thankfully, Geardo solves all those problems and offers complete peace of mind.

There are three size options from which to choose, and each one is designed with a user in mind. The shortest is perfect for a beginner, while the longer ones will be ideal for intermediate and pro users. Whatever your experience level, Geardo has a battle rope to suit. 

The suitability is not all these battle ropes have going for them. They are also incredibly versatile in the results they can help you to achieve. Improve your strength, cardio, fitness, and endurance, all with one affordable product.

This rope’s longevity is impressive, as well. Because it has robust poly dacron material, a three-strand design, and a nylon sleeve, it’s made to last the distance. The nylon sleeve protects the rope and stops it from fraying or catching on surfaces. 

You will also find that during your workouts, this rope is easy to grip. It has ten-inch heat shrink handles that, even in the middle of a sweaty workout, will be comfortable to hold. This battle rope is leagues ahead of its competition, so consider whether it might be right for you. 


Poly dacron material
Three length options
Rope anchor included 
Nylon sleeve 
Three-strand design
10-inch heat shrink handles 
1.5-inch thickness  


It’s ideal for strength, endurance, cardio, and fitness
The nylon sleeve protects the rope from abrasion
You can choose a size to suit
Affordable to buy
The long handles are comfortable to hold and grip
It comes with an anchor to improve your workout 
The rope material is robust 
There are size options for beginners, intermediate users, and pros 


The anchor may not be strong enough for everyone 
5. Alpha Strong Workout Battle Rope 

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Even though this battle rope is a bit more expensive to buy than others like it for sale, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth its price tag. In fact, you may likely be surprised at the sheer level of quality, not to mention its functionality and versatility with every workout.

When you buy this battle rope, you get to choose from ten size options. They vary between 30 and 66 feet, and you can select a rope that’s either 1.5 inches or two inches thick.

Use it for cardio workouts, strength training, a CrossFit class, or a casual workout. Whatever its purpose, it’s going to benefit your shoulders, core muscles, arms, legs, and back. Who would have thought a simple rope could do all that?

The robust polyester materials undoubtedly accentuate the benefits of this rope. They don’t fray and are partnered with a comfortable, rubberized grip handle. You can then work out harder, knowing the handle won’t slip out of your hands. 

Don’t stick with boring old workout routines any longer. Consider how much value this battle rope can bring into your life. 


Ten size options
Rubberized grip handles 
Polyester construction
1.5 and 2-inch diameters
30-66-feet length options 
Multi-workout options 


You can use it for cardio, CrossFit, strength training, and more
You can choose from different thicknesses and lengths
The rope material is heavy-duty and robust
The handles are comfortable and easy to handle 
Suitable for working out your core muscles, legs, arms, back, and shoulders 
It rolls up for easy storage 
It doesn’t fray


It’s expensive to buy
6. Aoneky Kids Exercise Battle Rope 

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Adults get to enjoy a fulfilling workout with a battle rope, so why can’t kids? While an adult’s traditional rope would not be suitable for most young children, there are certainly other options available. One of those is this exercise battle rope from Aoneky. It’s designed with children in mind, but will still challenge them in a fitness setting.

The ropes are available with a 0.8-inch diameter and of 25 and 30-foot lengths. While they look and act in every way like a battle rope for adults, they are on a far more manageable scale for kids. They build core strength, arm muscles, and even help burn calories and fat. 

The beauty of this rope, too, is how versatile it is in any setting. Whether you use it outside with the kids, or inside in the gym, it’s going to suit your needs well. You can secure it to a pole or tree, or use an anchor system to set it up in place. 

It also features a robust polyester material, blue handles, and plenty of grip for little hands. What is worth questioning before you buy this rope is the durability. The rope can fray, and many people have noted that the grippy handles have come off. Weigh up the pros and cons of this rope and how much use it is likely to get before you buy it. 


25 and 30-foot options
Pole, tree, anchor, and hook compatibility
0.8-inch diameter 
Polyester material 
Blue handles
Black rope 


Lightweight for kids
You can wrap it around a pole, tree, or use an anchor 
It comes with grippy handles to hold onto 
Easy for kids to move it in waves
It adds a fun element to activities 
Affordable to buy
Ideal for burning calories and fat
It builds core and arm strength 


The handles can come off 
The rope can fray 

7. Shogun Sports Speed Battle Rope 

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If you’re new to the world of battle rope training, but you want to start with an almighty bang, then check out this battle rope from Shogun Sports. From the affordable price tag and two size options to the convenient 1.5-inch diameter and fray-resistant material, what more could you need?

This polyester rope is an ideal option for anyone who wants to work on fitness, strength training, HIIT, or something else. All you need to do is choose a length, attach the rope to a pole or tree with an anchor strap and your own anchor, and start your workout. 

Many battle ropes on the market have hard-to-grip handles, but this one is all about making sure you have full grip. The grip component is extended and is comfortable to hold, and it also won’t come off as many do. 

This entry-level rope is as desirable as they come, even if it’s more suitable for beginners and comes with an anchor strap but not the anchor. Check it out for yourself and see if it meets the mark for quality and function. 


Three size options
1.5-inch diameter 
Fray-resistant braiding material
Anchor strap included 
Polyester construction
Heat-shrink ends 


Suitable for HIIT, fitness, and strength training
You can choose a length
Affordable to buy
The handles are comfortable and grippy to hold
The rope won’t fray
You can wrap it around a tree or pole 
It comes with an anchor strap 


It doesn’t come with the anchor
It’s more suitable for beginners 

8. Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope 

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There is nothing wrong with having a long battle rope. They offer plenty of versatility in workouts, and can often suit different groups or individuals. However, to use a long rope, you need to have quite a bit of room. With this rope from Hyperwear, you don’t.

This rope is far shorter than many others for sale, but without compromising on a quality workout. Instead of featuring regular rope, it has a fluid metal dense core, which promotes a more intense workout. The rope is four inches in diameter, but the length of the rope is only around six feet. You can use it with many different exercises, while also enjoying a few new ones like Russian twists, for example. Fortunately, when you buy this battle rope, it comes with a training guide to start you on the right foot. 

The quality of this rope is exceptional, and it’s made in the United States and Canada. Check it out for yourself and marvel at how it differs from most other battle ropes for sale. 


Fluid metal dense core
Polyester construction
Ribbed handle 
Made in the USA and Canada 
Four-inch diameter 
One-year warranty
Training guide included 


You don’t need to anchor
Its weight makes it suitable for more exercise types, like Russian twists
The metal makes the rope more responsive
Robust polyester materials
The ribbed handle is easy to grip
The rope doesn’t shed
Generous warranty period 
It’s short, so you can use it in smaller areas 


It’s expensive 
9. Hyperwear Sand Rope Battle Rope 

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There is nothing wrong with owning a standard polyester battle rope, but what if you could have something that offered a bit more convenience and versatility? That’s where the Hyperwear battle rope comes in. Instead of being a polyester rope, this one is neoprene and filled with sand.

Not everyone has space for a 30 to 50-foot rope in their house. Often, you make the room to enjoy the exercise, but it’s not overly practical. This rope makes sure it is. It’s only ten feet long but weighs around the same as one that is much longer. Therefore, you get the same workout, but in a smaller area. 

The rope features neoprene that’s filled with sand. It also comes with a carabiner, anchor strap kit, elastic webbing anchor, and free exercise tips. Work on your upper body, arms, and cardio, all thanks to this innovative battle rope from Hyperwear. 


Ten-foot length
15 and 30-pound weight options
Sand-filled design
Anchor strap kit included 
Neoprene material
Carabiner included
Elastic webbing anchor
Free exercise tips 


It’s ideal for small areas
It comes with helpful exercises
Suitable for arm, cardio, and upper body workouts. 
It’s well made
It comes with anchors
It’s not a traditional rope 


It’s expensive to buy
You need to switch sides often to stop the uneven sand distribution 

10. Champion Sports Heavy Gym Battle Rope

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If you’re tired of not being able to find a rugged, robust, and straightforward battle rope, then look no further. This one from Champion Sports will meet the mark. Whether you’re buying it for yourself, a gym, or a group, you will quickly see it was worth the purchase.

It’s available in six sizes with a variety of different lengths and thicknesses, and it’s suitable for all manner of cardio and strength exercises. If you’re worried about durability, then don’t be. Thanks to the multi-strand weave, PVC coated handle, and thickness, this rope can handle it. 

The only thing that might put you off buying this rope is the price tag. This rope is definitely more expensive than others but is also worth every penny. Check it out, for it might surprise you. 


Six size options
Multi-strand weave construction
PVC coated handles
Multi-exercise use 


Plenty of size and thickness options
The handles are strong and comfortable to use
Ideal for the gym or home use
The rope is well-balanced 
Suitable for cardio and strength training 


Considerations for Purchasing a Battle Rope 

Everyone’s workout routine is different, which means the need for a new battle rope can be as well. If you are on the hunt for a new rope, but you’re not sure how to pick one, then read on. Consider these few points before you pull out your wallet. 


You might think that all battle ropes are the same, but that’s not the case at all. They differ in length, diameter, and even weight. Think about your space restrictions. Do you have room for a 50-foot rope, or is a 20-foot one better? Or, do you want a ten-foot rope with extra weight to make up for the loss of length? These points matter more than you think.


The most common material for a battle rope is polyester, but it’s not the only material. Some ropes are neoprene with sand, while others are a polydac blend. Whatever material you choose, make sure you read reviews regarding its strength and whether it frays or rips at all.


To carry out a workout with a battle rope, you need to be able to grip the rope. What are the handles like on the rope you’re buying? Heat-shrunk rubber over the rope is a common option, but some manufacturers use PVC or general plastic. The stronger the handle, the more confidence you can have in your workout. 

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