My First Math Dice by ThinkFun

Start building a love for math early with ThinkFun’s My First Math Dice. It includes a pair of dice and two chip counters with 30 counter chips in total. This small game packs a big educational punch with three different games to play.

The first game is all about counting. Roll your die and then stack that number of chips on your chip tower. The first to fill their chip tower wins. Game number two is all about number comparisons. Whoever rolls the biggest number, stacks that number on their chip tower. Kids learn more than, less than, and equal to concepts. The last game is simple addition to 10. Players roll both dice and add them up. First to fill their tower wins!

Early math lovers are practicing fine motor skills as they pinch and grab each chip. They’re working hand-eye coordination when they’re stacking. Math concepts like counting and understanding zero are reinforced. One-to-one number correspondence is practiced within each game, this means that children match a number word to the object. Lastly, kids are practicing number recognition through repetition as they play. All these early math skills will help set a foundational learning for numbers and their values.

In addition to early math concepts, math vocabulary is learned throughout gameplay. Kids learn synonyms, understanding that plus, add, and, and all together, all mean the same thing. Word problems incorporate language and math together. Learning this early math vocabulary will help set the groundwork for success later on.

My First Math Dice is an excellent game that promotes learning math concepts at an early age. Grab the game-go bag and everything fits inside. Perfect for travel and quick play anytime and anywhere.

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