Gamify Literacy for #NationalLiteracyDay with Mrs. Wordsmith

Pierre Lagrange (successful economist, hedge fund manager, and financier) and Ebs Burnough (Former White House Deputy Social Secretary and Sr. Advisor to Michelle Obama) purchased Mrs Wordsmith several years ago with a goal of making learning fun at a young age by gamifying it!A staggering 54% of US adults have a literacy level below the 6th grade and it’s a combination of teachers having crowded classrooms and parents being to busy after school to assist! Knowing this, Pierre and Ebs were dedicated to the growth of Mrs Wordmsith.

With National Literacy Day occurring in the month of September, here are great games that help to evoke laughter and fun all while teaching kids.  Word Tag: with cutting-edge design, educational research, and exciting gameplay, Word Tag improves kids’ reading and writing skills, helping them to become confident and passionate readers for life! Blah Blah Blah Phonics Card Game: This hilariously fun card game helps kids learn to read! Three decks feature over 200 cards, covering 40 sound-letter correspondences. Developed with teachers and phonics experts.Storyteller’s Word a Day: 180 outside-of-the-box words for anything life throws your way! Develops word understanding and awareness, with synonyms, word pairs, story starters and more! Research-backed and aligned to national curriculum!

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