10 Christmas Gifts That’ll Be On Every Kid’s List This Year, According To Hamleys

A roller disco Peppa Pig and dart-shooting blaster gun are set to be on the lists of children up and down the country this Christmas, according to predictions from Hamleys.

The toy store has revealed its top 10 toys for Christmas to help parents navigate the festive season – but be warned, the cheapest gift starts at £22.

The top 10 list features picks for early years play with an educational CoComelon’s JJ Boo Boo talking figure. Meanwhile, One Trick Pony and Tick Tock Brick Knock are offered up as child-friendly alternatives to the traditional Christmas board game.

The list also features some gadgets and toys for older kids: check out the Ralleyz Jumping Sumo and XShot Skins the Last Stand (a dart-shooting blaster gun), which will ensure you have no peace on Christmas day.

Victoria Kay, head of buying at Hamleys, said toys have been chosen with a view to last a long time and be played with for years to come. “With iconic characters featuring in the list, we know we have chosen the very best, most wanted toys, from strong brands that will be cherished by families as they grow,” she said. 

“We’re aware this year that parents will be looking for a variety of toys within a variety of price brackets, to make Christmas as magical as they can. We stock thousands of toys at Hamleys, from stocking fillers to smaller gifts - starting from £2.50.” 

If you need a little help with Christmas shopping inspiration this year, here’s the list of Hamleys12 top 10 toys for 2022.

1. XShot - Skins the Last Stand, £35

XShot - Skins the Last Stand, £35XShot - Skins the Last Stand, £35
Playdoh Ice Cream Truck, £100Playdoh Ice Cream Truck, £100
Roller Disco Peppa, £37Roller Disco Peppa, £37
CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Doll, £44CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Doll, £44
One Trick Pony Game, £27One Trick Pony Game, £27
Disney Lightyear JetPack Buzz, £60Disney Lightyear JetPack Buzz, £60
Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll, £33Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll, £33
Hamley Bear Panda Plush, £22Hamley Bear Panda Plush, £22
Tick Tock Brick Knock, £34Tick Tock Brick Knock, £34

10. Jumping Sumo, £70

Jumping Sumo, £70Jumping Sumo, £70

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