What does UK live TV have to offer?


With the domination of streaming services, the TV that remains within our living rooms can quite often be forgotten about unless you have a smart TV. Smart TVs are electronic devices that adopt all of the same qualities as a regular TV however, they also can connect to the internet allowing for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ as well as many others to be used and displayed on your TV. Don’t get us wrong, we think that the advancement of streaming services truly is great and the wide variety of endless content offered is even better however, sometimes you cannot beat the true efficiency and originality of UK live TV.

If you are trying to assess what UK live TV is, then we will give you a simple description. Live TV is offered for free within the UK and you just need a TV license and a working TV aerial or satellite to access the services. Click here for TV aerial installation. We will direct a particular focus onto the Freeview service that offers over 70 channels alongside 30 radio stations. Although you may be thinking that this is very little option-wise, there is no monthly charge unlike other companies such as Sky which will provide you with a much wider range of channels for a monthly subscription. Therefore, you can't really complain. The benefits of this service are slowly but surely becoming overshadowed by streaming services and the benefits of live TV are becoming forgotten about, therefore we are here to highlight what UK live TV truly has to offer.  


TV remains a controversial subject for a variety of reasons but the most apparent reason is the negativity attached to it being liable for filling minds with junk. Reality shows in particular are frowned upon as some viewers believe that they promote a fake reality and life which can be damaging for viewers. However, there are plenty of aspects of TV that are not damaging to viewers and can actually be used in their favour, and this includes educational aspects. Education and knowledge can be gained through the news, documentaries, and even some TV shows that highlight certain subjects. The Big Bang Theory, which is a widely popular American Sitcom makes viewers laugh but at the same time, the show is centered around four physicists and highlights science dynamics throughout every episode whilst also providing entertainment. Those who are fans of the show cannot deny that they haven't taken at least one knowledgeable fact from the show! 

Great for children  

TV and young children is another disputed topic that shares a variety of positive and negative views. The way we see it, everyone is due to a certain intake of daily or weekly entertainment, and as long as it is time regulated by parents, there should be no consequential effects on the child. UK live TV is especially helpful for young children as channels such as CBeebies and Citv cover a range of topics within their shows that not only entertain kids but also keep them educated unlike games. Dynamics are covered within numeracy, science, arts and crafts, and most importantly literacy and communication which can assist with the progression of a young child's education, behaviour, and knowledge. You, as a parent, can also be certain that what you see on children's channels on live TV will be appropriate. Unlike streaming services and other apps, when selecting a show or movie, sometimes you are not aware of what is in store for your child however, rest assured you can rely on live TV children's channels to be appropriate and suitable for your child's age. 

Encourages bonding and social interaction 

This statement may be confusing as there is so much negativity behind why TV causes social exclusion, and sure, this can be applied to binge-watching TV programmes through streaming services however, we don’t necessarily see an option to do this when watching live TV. Live TV offers such a wide variety of options and in some cases, you can find yourself enjoying a show for one hour, and then turning the following show off, as it does not appeal to you. However, due to this variety of content, live TV can ensure that there is something broadcast for everyone, with all different tastes and preferences, to enjoy. Some shows displayed on live TV can also bring about additional conversation and bonding as families and friends can sit down together to enjoy their favourite shows or movies all within one room. The content often leads to a discussion between those watching it together and quite often, this discussion can make its way onto social media platforms, resulting in further chats and interactions, all down to the benefits of technological entertainment. 

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