Valentine’s Day Puzzle Pack (Printables for Kids)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means…learning opportunities! 

Well, maybe that’s not exactly what you were thinking, but hear us out.

Overworked parents need easy ways to make learning fun and Valentine’s Day is no exception. So, rather than chocolates, roses, and glitter, why not give your child a brain-flexing game instead? I mean, do you think your kid really needs more candy? No. 

So, hear us out while we walk you through three Valentine’s Day free printable puzzles that are sure to get your child’s brain juices flowing.

Valentine Math Puzzle (2 Levels)

Valentine's Day Math Puzzle

First off, we’ve got a math puzzle that will lead your child to a hidden prize. Simply put a desirable treasure (or prize) in the sink and give your child our math puzzle to solve to get the secret message: “Look in the sink for your prize.”

  • Level 1: Addition, subtraction, and place value (kids 1st and 2nd grade)
  • Level 2: Multiplication, division, double-digit subtraction, and place value (3rd and 4th grade)

By presenting math in different ways, your child is going to have to stretch his or her thinking to get to the answer. This outside of the (heart-shaped) box thinking is exactly what your child needs when you’ve got an extra 15 minutes lying around and need something fun to do. 

Click here to access this free puzzle.

Valentine’s Word Puzzle

Valentine's Day Word Puzzle

Our second game is a treasure hunting twist on your standard word scramble game. The Secret Message Unscramble requires your child to unscramble the Valentine’s-themed words in the sentences and then use those words in the crossword puzzle. 

The crossword has a word scramble in it as well. Once kids unscramble the letters (NEOV) to make OVEN, kids know where to look for their prize! 

Hide a little treat in or on the oven, give your child this puzzle and a pencil, and you’ll see how fun and learning can come together better than chocolate and caramel. 

Click here to access this free puzzle.




Valentine’s Paper Coding (2 Levels)

Valentine's Paper Coding Activity for kids

Finally, we’ve included a screen-free paper coding game (with two levels) that is sure to get your child thinking about how to solve an algorithm.

We all know coding is being taught more commonly nowadays. But, we want to make it fun now so your child has a positive experience with this important skill.

By following the correct path and using the letters along the way, your child will spell out a word worthy of a chocolatey treat. 


Gift a Love of Learning

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun. But, store-bought cards and candy can only go so far. And you know your child will get 20 of these from his or her classmates anyway. Why not offer them an enjoyable educational game that earns a treat instead? By working for a prize, learning becomes purposeful and meaningful and kids gain confidence. We know your child will love it. 

Download the free puzzle pack here.

Learning Game Kit

If you’re interested in giving your child the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift that can be enjoyed for years and incorporates learning, mystery, problem-solving, and locks, check out our Learning Escape Game Kit. 



The learning game kit arrives locked in an introductory game that teaches kids the concepts of solving puzzles to get secret codes to unlock a mystery prize. The kit also includes access to our online game library with over 130+ printable escape games to set up with the kit. Games are leveled by difficulty and include standards-based math and reading skills for kids in kindergarten through third grade.

Party Game Kit

Party Game Kit

Want to create an unforgettable family game night? Try our Mystery Party Game Kit, which comes locked in a pirate-themed mystery-solving game. It also includes two additional printable themed escape games to set up with the game kit (Mysterious Mansion and the Lost City of Gold). Your kids will think you are the coolest parent ever! 

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