TOY FAIR PREVIEW: Wild Card Games taps into staycation trend with ‘Who Knows Where UK & Ireland’

Inspired by the growth in popularity in UK travel and holidaying locally, Wild Card Games has added “the ultimate family board game about the British Isles” to its award-winning, best-selling range of educational Who Knows Where games for adults and kids.

In Who Knows Where UK & Ireland, players race their opponents to be the first to travel around the British Isles and Emerald Isle by locating famous places on the map. The game features over 1,250 locations to guess at, in categories including major cities, county towns, history, modern events and facts, famous tourist sites and photos of many iconic landmarks, and because players make their choices at the same time by placing their pyramids where they think the location might be, there’s no waiting around. If you can’t guess you can think about ‘Who Knows Where’ and piggyback on one of your opponent’s guesses – but choose wisely because if they’re wrong, you’ll be the one going backwards!

This fun and educational family game has flexible rules that allow many different ways to play, making the game easier or harder to take into account a broad range of ages and abilities. With a great combination of knowledge, tactics and luck, winning is anyone’s game.

Wild Card Games will be at stand B37 at London Toy Fair, Olympia, from 25–27 January. For more information contact or call 07916 349942

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