This pocket-sized projector plays 360-degree video and is on sale for over 30% off

From serving as a home entertainment hub to being a valuable business tool, portable pocket-sized projectors have really come into their own the last few years. But while manufacturers have packed more power and more capability into these mini marvels, they’re still usually too delicate or too dangerous for a child to use safely.

The Cinemood 360 is not only the first portable projector that supports playing 360-degree videos, but it also distinguishes itself for its kid-friendly engineering, created for kids as young as 2 or 3 to use and enjoy safely.

For the adults, the unit is light, portable, and durable, sporting up to 5 hours of rechargeable battery life, built-in speakers, wireless cooling, and 32GB of memory to help project video on to a flat surface up to 12 feet wide. In addition to the generous storage, the Cinemood 360 connects via WiFi or Bluetooth to stream virtually anything with no cords, cables or plugs needed.

And while this projector is more than capable of satisfying adults, its true moment to shine comes when it’s in the hands of a child. 

Designed with a low lumen count for a child’s safety, the Cinemood 360 is a parental game-changer, offering easy use as well as a wide stretch of kid-friendly content features to keep a child engaged for hours.

The unit comes preloaded with 360-degree educational videos, motion games, and built-in access to Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, YouTube 360, and more. 

Meanwhile, a digital library also offers 40 Disney ebooks and 25 short safety videos and cartoons for kids to enjoy. They can also scare away specters in the included Ghost Hunt game or chase “Cut the Rope” star OmNom in a 360-degree video story, all part of a library of additional free games and videos that are added through regular software updates.

With no connections to get tangled, kids can pick up and carry the Cinemood 360 easily and enjoy the 360-degree features to feel like they’re truly engaging with all of their favorite characters and games.

Regularly $499, the CINEMOOD 360 Interactive Projector is now a third off, just $329.

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