This game console lets kids learn as they play, teaching electronics and coding for under $80

hand holding nibble diy console next to computer

TL;DR: As of Jan. 28, Nibble — the educational DIY game console from CircuitMess — is on sale for $79.95.

Parents know the pain of prying away the iPad or video game console after finally giving it in and handing it over. So what if there was an option for screen time that was actually educational, taking out some of the mom and dad guilt? Nibble not only helps kids learn, but it will also get youngsters ages nine and up building their own console and learning how to code their own games.

Learning to code will be a vital skill in the future, so why not put your kids on the right path and get them started at a young age? Nibble is an educational DIY game console that offers a method they'll actually want to learn from, and right now it's on sale for $79.95 for a limited time. 

Nibble is an educational tool that looks like a cool retro game console, turning learning about electronics and programming into a fun experience. First, they'll get to create the console themselves. An included build guide makes the process super simple. Once it's built, add some batteries.

Your kiddo will be delighted to see that the DIY console includes four preloaded retro games — Bonk (think the old school game Pong), Invaderz (a classic old space shooter game), Snake (you know this one!), and SpaceRocks (where you shoot asteroids and earn points). They have all been inspired by addictive old games, so your kid will likely love them as much as you did back in the day. 

Once the kids get tired of those preloaded games, they can start to build their own in CircuitBlocks code editor. This code editor is like Scratch or, so it's geared toward newbies and simple to get started in embedded programming. And Nibble's software is open-source and ready for you to download, if needed. 

Kids over nine and kids at heart will love Nibble, the educational DIY game console, and it's on sale now for $79.95.

Prices subject to change.

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