The Perfect Airbnb Host Checklist According to Seasoned Travelers

Our Airbnb host checklist has all the essentials you need for a perfect stay.

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Make your Airbnb feel like home…but better. 🏡

Let’s talk Airbnb essentials. We’ve put together an Airbnb host checklist so you’ll be giving guests the most ideal stay every time.

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After booking Airbnbs of all kinds from the east coast to the west coast, we have seasoned and diverse feedback to share the perfect host checklist from a traveler’s perspective. Read our list of Airbnb essentials and must-haves if you’re looking to give guests the ultimate experience during their stay. Whether you’re hosting an off-grid adventure with no running water or a fully-stocked home with luxurious amenities.

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First, let’s talk about the non-negotiables. The must-have Airbnb essentials every traveler is looking for:

  • A clean space. Make sure your cleaning service is trustworthy. Cleanliness will also ensure good reviews and happy guests.
  • Toilet paper. One of the top Airbnb essentials every single guest needs is toilet paper. Make sure it’s well stocked so they don’t have to ask or buy more.
  • Soaps. Staying sanitary and clean is a top priority these days. Soap should be essential for every Airbnb regardless of the lifestyle.
  • Fresh towels. Make sure to have one per guest at minimum.
  • Fresh linens. Every bed should have its own set of linens.
  • Stocked kitchen. If your Airbnb has the ability to cook make sure your space has everything one will need to make a decent meal. This should include utensils, dishes, knives, pots, pans, etc., and stuff for cleaning up too.
  • Bare minimum cooking essentials. Unless a guest is staying for many weeks, almost no traveler is going to want to purchase an entire bottle of olive oil or salt and pepper grinders. Having staple items will be a pleasant surprise.
  • A comfortable bed. This is one part of your guests’ stay they won’t forget if you make it great. The higher the quality bed and linens, the more luxurious the experience.
  • Good communication. Communication is free and makes or breaks an Airbnb experience for many guests so make sure you’re good at it.
  • Air conditioning and heat. Guests want to be comfortable. Even if you have an off-grid space, have something for guests to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Be detailed about your stay. Putting lots of detail in your “About the Space” section will help limit unnecessary questions and also help guests make a more informed decision to book your Airbnb. Also, be honest about your space as this could limit negative feedback.
  • Strong WiFi. Unless you’re hosting an off-grid adventure, guests will appreciate strong WiFi. This will ensure they can easily get directions to where they need to go and get ahold of you if something comes up.

Now, here are the extras to consider adding to your Airbnb host checklist that is sure to make your stay the most memorable:

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Provide a welcome guide for anyone wanting to experience the area like a local. 

More than likely if people are booking through Airbnb, they’re looking for a unique experience. By providing a helpful welcome guide, you can help guests enjoy the area like a true local. Some things to include are vetted restaurants and cafes, the best nearby grocery stores, must-see attractions, and so on. Even better, if you can add a few of these highlights to your stay’s descriptions it could even help someone sway their booking in your favor.

Be sure to include other specifics someone may not know about unless they lived in the area. Such as how the small local farmer’s market pops up on Saturday mornings down the street. Or how on First Friday food trucks fill Abbot Kinney Boulevard in CA. Don’t be afraid to overshare, you never know what will strike someone’s chord.

Don’t leave out important information either!

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Plan to have a binder nearby when guests check in. This should include basics they’ll need or want to know. Include things like how to use the thermostat, WiFi password, important house information, phone numbers they may need to know, the closest grocery stores, the best places to order delivery, and so on.

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Sell your location.

This may go without saying, but the location is everything. Some Airbnbs don’t have to work nearly as hard to get bookings simply based on their location, but if you sell your location well enough you may have people reconsidering their itinerary. Pointing out nearby attractions and features that will enhance a guest’s stay will allow them to see the value in your stay.

Major attractions like the rushing water of a nearby waterfall after a great hike are obvious things to include in your Airbnb listing. Dive deeper into why guests will love your location. Maybe the best coffee shop in town is right down the street and the morning walks are peaceful. Or maybe there’s a sound healing spa nearby that could rejuvenate guests after a long hike. Whatever it may be, it could be the one memorable thing they surely won’t forget.

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An easy check-in for your guest will start things on the right foot. 

Many guests prefer the convenience of self-check-in. We know you’re proud of your space and are maybe tempted to show it off in person, but it’s not typically what guests really want. Here are the key things to do to make their arrival run smoothly:

  • Give detailed directions to get to your space including where to park and any obstacles they may run into while driving.
  • Provide detailed instructions for their arrival and how they will check into your property.
  • Have a lockbox, smart lock, or keypad to make it easy for guests to check in by themselves. Just be sure to change any codes between guests for security purposes.
  • Follow up with guests shortly after check-in to give them any last-minute tips and to see if they need anything else. Be sure to remind them how to get in touch with you if anything comes up during their stay.

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Add a handwritten note to your Airbnb checklist for a personal touch.

A simple handwritten note can really make any guests feel at home especially if it has their name at the very top. Keep a notepad and pen stashed somewhere in the Airbnb so you always have it close by after each guest checks out. Plus, if your future guests offer up any personal information such as how they’re celebrating a special occasion or planning to go to a specific event during their stay you can call it out in your note. Better yet, leave them a fun fact about your space or a hidden gem down the street because it will only make it that much more memorable for them.

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Add a food perk upon check-in for your guests to enjoy.

One way to your guests’ hearts is to feed their souls…literally! Maybe you have a farm and can provide fresh eggs or a couple of chocolates from the best place in town. The options are literally endless! Don’t fret too much over whether they’ll like it or not, it’s truly the thought that counts!

Better yet, check with the local businesses you have in mind to see if they’d offer you a discount to partner long-term and share their goods with your guests.

“We stayed in Asheville for a trip once and I was totally wowed by how the hosts left a few local beers from breweries, fresh cream, and a half dozen fresh eggs from their chickens. None of it went to waste and we ended up loving the eggs so much that we asked if more were available. The next morning there were a dozen new eggs for us to enjoy! We enjoyed the eggs nearly every morning during our week-long vacation and it was one less meal we had to worry about or pay for!”

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Make their experience private with appropriate window coverings. 

If there’s one thing guests want when they’re traveling, it’s privacy. Making sure every window has the necessary coverage will ensure that no matter the time of day, they can shut off the world and feel comfortable unwinding. This is especially important for Airbnb host checklists that may have other nearby properties or if yours is situated on a city block with lots of neighbors. Blackout shades in the bedroom are a huge bonus too.

“My boyfriend and I were in Harrisburg for a concert and we only stayed in the area for one night so we didn’t need much in an Airbnb. The neighborhood we stayed in was a little rougher than we expected and definitely didn’t have any nice views (or neighbors haha). We literally felt like we were in another world after realizing every single window and door in the place had blackout pull-down shades. Being able to have that privacy was priceless and took our comfort levels up 100 notches!”

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Give them an outside space and make it private. 

Speaking of privacy, your Airbnb essentials checklist should have you curating appealing outdoor spaces too. Taking advantage of views or an outdoor area that could give guests some added privacy while getting some fresh air is priceless. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it memorable either. Adding a simple space for dining or being able to comfortably work remotely from a laptop will elevate your guests’ stay. Remember, the more private, the better. Take advantage of spaces that are positioned away from other guests and/or add some plants or a fence that block their view from others.

“I loved our recent trip to the mountains! Our hosts really thought about how the space will be used. On one side was a private hot tub with a fence around it so even though there were near other homes, you couldn’t see when we were using it so it felt really private. On the other side were a small deck, grill, and dining set for us to enjoy meals. It was perfectly simple. It was a newly landscaped space, but I could in a few years the tress would make the place even more private! I know we wouldn’t have used the amenities as much had other people been on top of us.”

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Makeup remover towels will save all of your white towels.

Black makeup towels are a genius idea if you have white bath towels for your guests. This addition to your bathroom essentials will help avoid buying new white towels every time one gets damaged from mascara or other makeup. On the flip side, guests will see it as a thoughtful touch and are sure to remember it after they leave!

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Have things to do on rainy days. 

The weather doesn’t always cooperate so having some things for guests to do when they’re stuck inside could make or break their trip. Adding an entire game room to your home could increase your nightly rate and possibly even have guests considering a longer stay if you have the space. A foosball table, pool table, or ping pong table are all great ideas to keep guests busy.

You could also consider adding a box of fun, rainy-day games, painting a huge chalkboard on a wall, or adding a collection of vinyl and a record player for guests to enjoy something nostalgic. The options for fun are endless no matter how big or small your space!

Hip Tip: Check out our top recommendations for family, teen, adult, and kid games to stock up your Airbnb with games guests will actually love!

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A pool and/or jacuzzi will up your value and your bookings. 

According to Airbnb, a pool and a jacuzzi are two of the top most-searched-for amenities when guests are looking for a place to book. In fact, they often apply these filters, so if you want your property to be seen by more potential guests, do your best to have at least one of these amenities. Even better, Airbnb also shared that both will increase your nightly rate and your overall bookings since people are willing to pay more to have these luxuries.

Remember, you don’t need to go big or go home with these Airbnb amenities either. In many cases, a smaller plunge pool or a simple inflatable hot tub could suffice and get you on people’s radar.

open airbnb essentials hot tub outside of a frame house

“After having a hot tub for our couples getaway, it’s become a must-have for every other trip we’ve booked together. I’m always tempted by the beauty of some places, but the ones with a hot tub always trump everything because I know how much it will elevate our vacation. Plus, it’s perfect to enjoy any time of year! There’s nothing like coming back to your cozy Airbnb after a day of exploring and getting to stargaze and relax with your partner. #hottubsforever”

Hip Tip: Consider one of the best inflatable hot tubs to check off your Airbnb host checklist sooner rather than later!

stackable laundry appliances in closet in hallway of home

Laundry appliances could be a deal breaker, especially if you’re looking to host families.

Squeeze in a set of laundry appliances if you have the space! This is another frequently applied filter according to Airbnb when guests are searching for a stay. While some solo guests or couples may not care as much to have this amenity for shorter stays, guests traveling with kids or planning to stay for a longer trip may not even consider a place unless it has laundry.

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Have kid-friendly amenities to make parents’ lives easier.  

The fewer things parents need to bring with them, the smoother their trip is likely to go. Being able to offer kid-friendly amenities like a pack n’ play, highchair, baby gates, a basket of sanitized toys, and more will wow any parents booking your stay.

You could even take it a step further by offering other items like beach toys for your Airbnb close to the water. Or a wagon to easily stroll through the city so they don’t have to bring a stroller along. Of course, if your stay is only suitable for one or two adults, this is important information to clearly disclose for travelers.

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Having a place to make coffee is an Airbnb essential that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Not everyone drinks coffee to start their day, but for many guests, it will be a crucial way to start their day. This amenity will also save money for guests who choose to use it during their stay. Be specific in your listing about what coffee machine you have so guests can come prepared. If you have a Keurig, stock it with a few K-cups. If you have a pour-over, have some freshly ground local coffee on standby, and so on.

Hip Tip: Shop the best coffee makers on the market.

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Have an area for people to work from their laptops.

A laptop-friendly space to work is becoming a highly sought-after amenity for guests and one Airbnb essential you shouldn’t overlook. Not every single traveler works, but the ones who do will appreciate these spaces. You don’t need to add an entire office either. Consider adding a bar overlooking the city, a small table and chair in an unused nook, or a foldable tray or lap desk so people can work comfortably. Consider adding something more permanent if you’re in a popular area where business professionals often commute or stay for long periods of time.

Hip Tip: Want to dive deeper into your Airbnb host checklist? shared a complete list of supplies to have in your Airbnb that will exceed guests’ expectations. Or check off your list room by room with the complete guest checklist.

Considering starting your own Airbnb? Here are a few things you should know:

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Wondering how to start an Airbnb?

There are many factors far beyond Airbnb essentials to consider before starting your Airbnb. shared some amazing tips for assessing your space and setting goals and expectations. More importantly, you should know all the ins and outs so you get started on the right foot.

Want to know how to become an Airbnb host?

There are many different ways to host on Airbnb. Start hosting with confidence and head to Airbnb to learn how to become a host. Getting your information straight from the source will allow you to properly prepare, know how to list your space, set prices, and more.

How much does an Airbnb host make?

According to Airbnb, hosts are averaging more revenue each year since its founding in 2008. Of course, many factors will come into play when determining just how much you’ll pocket. Your location, amenities, time of year, and more will all play a role in how much you’ll make. We love to help you learn your market and competitors, develop a pricing strategy, learn your potential, how to beat the competition, and much more!

How much does Airbnb charge hosts?

Airbnb shared that most hosts pay a flat service fee of 3% of the booking subtotal. The subtotal is your nightly price plus any optional fees you charge guests, like a cleaning fee, and doesn’t include Airbnb fees and taxes. Airbnb charges these fees which help pay for the costs of their 24/7 customer support, marketing your property, protection, and providing educational resources for hosts.

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