The Absolute Best Gifts You Can Buy a 7-Year-Old

Buying unique gifts for a 7-year-old can be tough, especially when their interests are changing almost daily. Whether you're shopping for an upcoming birthday or just because, we're here to help. We've rounded up some of the best and most highly rated gifts on the internet for 7-year-olds, so you can rest assured they'll love their new present (and you won't break a sweat searching for it).

Whether it be a niece or nephew, a sibling, or your own child, 7 is the age they become a big kid - aka their interests change. From building sets that let them get creative to games that bring the whole family to the table, we've rounded up the best gifts that are sure to keep them busy. We even included educational toys and outdoor structures for crafting, so they can work on their critical-thinking and visual skills. Take a look at our top 22 finds, and shop the ones you like best before you forget about them.

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- Additional reporting by Krista Jones and Rebecca Gruber

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