TCL Communications Shows Off Exciting New Product Line At CES 2022

TCL Communications Shows Off Exciting New Product Line At CES 2022

With CES 2022 fully underway, the technology company TCL has joined the party with some exclusive announcements made right from the show itself.

TCL is one of the titans of the technology industry that has based itself on being as flexible as possible but without reducing the quality of its tech. Although we are a far way away from the popularity of the Blackberry phone, TCL has smartly adapted with further advancements to its smartphones, keeping it not only relevant but savvy in the overall market.

TCL not only produces smartphones, but they also produce many products that are huge tech. Huge tech always has a home at CES 2022, and without further ado, here are the latest announcements the company has made this year so far.

TCL CES 2022 Announcements

  • The TCL 30 Series of smartphones, the latest by TCL Mobile, which include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G chipset, 4GB of RAM, a 6.67″ display, and the Android 11 OS to keep users connected. Availability TBD.
TCL Communications Shows Off Exciting New Product Line At CES 2022
NXTPAPER 10s Tablet
  • The NXTPAPER 10s tablet offers a paper-like display with built-in blue light reduction, a smart tablet for a fair price at $249. It also functions with the Android 11 OS, and 8 GB of internal storage. External storage can be expanded to 256 GB by way of microSD. this paper light tablet encourages travel. NXTPAPER releases in January 2022.
  • Two other budget tablets come in hot with the TAB 8 4G that focuses on a learning and creative standpoint with an 8″ display for the lower price of $129, as the TCL TAB 10L places emphasis on entertainment, and features an even lower price at $99 while sporting a wider 10.1″ display.
  • Three more tablets were introduced to consumers, with the focus being placed on children and safety with the TKEE MINI 7″, MID 8″ and MAX 10″ tablet series. The three devices aim to elevate learning, while emphasizing safety. Featuring a child-friendly yellow bumper cover to assure device safety, all tablets in this series feature TCL Kids. A new service that features a litany of educational and entertainment content fully safe for families that will be priced at $2.99 monthly, releasing in Q2 2022, while the TKEE series of tablets will release Q1 2022.
TCL Communications Shows Off Exciting New Product Line At CES 2022
TCL Book 14 Go
  • The first TCL laptop, the BOOK 14 Go, was also excitedly announced, branching TCL Mobile into the mobile PC game. The new laptop, of course, features the new Windows 11, and a sleek metal frame to assure product lifespan and carry-ability. The device also features 4G LTE connectivity, a prolonged battery life and comes in at a $349 price tag that will release in Q2 2022.
  • The NXTWEAR AIR, is the second-generation smartglasses that assures quality and clarity in all technological exploits. The USB-C charge port is a noteworthy port that allows adaptability to all scenarios. Featuring 30% less weight than the previous generation and a more comfortable fit, this Bluetooth enabled smart device aims to elevate gaming experiences as well. Availability TBD.
  • Lastly, the LINK HUB 5G promotes ultrafast 5G router speeds and a multitude of ports to link all devices. Featuring Wi-Fi 6 andthe ability to support up to 256 users is not a weak flex. Availability TBD.

This huge new line of products sees the company enter 2022 with technological advances and flexibility in all aspects. But they had one more trick up their sleeve.

TCL Communications also announced plans to join forces with Pixelworks to provide the TrueCut Motion platform for newly developed TCL television screens. With the recent announcement of the 5-series and 6-series TVs, there’s a chance this new platform can arrive on these new displays.

President and CEO of Pixelworks, Todd DeBonis said “TrueCut Motion is a powerful innovation that delivers incredible motion across all of today’s devices and screens. We are thrilled that TCL is collaborating with us to feature our platform solution,” including “We share TCL’s vision when it comes to perfecting every aspect of the viewing experience, and we’re excited to be working with them to deliver superior motion to their customers.”

With all of these exciting announcements by TCL Communications, the year looks bright for the technology company as it makes its way into the new year. To find out more information, you can visit the official website for more information on these exciting announcements.

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