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Pilgrims of Plymouth


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The Pilgrims were a English Separatist congregation that emigrated to Holland in 1608 to escape religious persecution. Twelve years later, discouraged by economic conditions, the congregation voted to move again, this time to America. A small ship, the Speedwell, carried them to Southampton, England, where they joined another group of Separatists and finally departed from Plymouth, England aboard the Mayflower in 1620.

History.com: The Pilgrims

“Some 100 people, many of them seeking religious freedom in the New World, set sail from England on the Mayflower in September 1620. That November, the ship landed on the shores of Cape Cod, in present-day Massachusetts. A scouting party was sent out, and in late December the group landed at Plymouth Harbor, where they would form the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New England. These original settlers of Plymouth Colony are known as the Pilgrim Fathers, or simply as the Pilgrims.” History.com provides an excellent one-page summary of the Pilgrim’s voyage, and their first years in the New World. Be sure to follow some of the many hyperlinked phrases for more details, and related stories.

Pilgrim Hall Museum: Pilgrim Story

The Pilgrim Hall Museum site has oodles of great educational material. Key elements of the Pilgrim story are retold via “stories and in paintings: the Mayflower Compact, the Landing, the First Thanksgiving at Plymouth.” As with all history, these stories are based on facts, but are interpreted through the lens of the era when they were created. “We invite you to search through the layers of retelling to find the foundation of the 17th century. Where does it all begin? And where does it end?”

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony: 1620

Although totally without any aesthetic appeal, this well-written study guide about the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony deserves a visit. “After two months at sea, the Pilgrims arrived at Cape Cod. Imagine the sight that greeted their eyes on that cold November morning. It was as though they had landed on another planet, a strange, unfriendly place with no signs of civilization-a stark, barren landscape.”

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