Stress Relief Educational Colorful Ball

Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Toys
Price: 15.95

By using the movement of the color ball, the cubes achieve the purpose of using hands and brains. The kids can learn more about the colors' differences by playing with the cubes. At the same time, you can invite more people to play with you. These cubes will bring you and your friends closer! Like your family, your friend and so on. 


Appropriate Size: The cube has a moderate size, which is easy to operate with one hand.

Colorful Balls: Up to 11 different colors and 4 styles, more variety on having fun! There are 12 color circles around the balls. There is a white one, which is used to be a public hole for every ball.


How to work:

The game is not too hard, just like a normal Rubik cube. Just press and push the color balls to move them to the correct circle.

Step 1: Move the ball position.

Step 2: Restore the sphere position according to the color.

Step 3: The game is completed.


Material: ABS
Size: 7*7*7cm

Package Included:
1x Stress Relief Educational Colorful Ball 

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