Space Crusade by The Learning Journey International

Space Crusade by The Learning Journey International is an out-of-this-world board game. It combines space facts with math and language skills. Kids will have fun learning about planets while practicing addition and subtraction to move around the galaxy game board.

Players take turns drawing “star” cards, each with an addition or subtraction math equation for numbers less than 10. Players count stars, recognize the mathematical symbol (+/-) and calculate equations to move their alien spaceships forward. These math skills are reinforced throughout the game, helping children improve one to one number correspondence, math fluency and problem-solving abilities.

If players land on a black hole, they draw from a different card pile that makes the game dynamic. The “black hole” cards may have them whiz directly to a new planet (sometimes forward, sometimes back!), miss turns, or dodge comets and move ahead a few spaces. It made the game a bit more unpredictable and also provided fun space factoids. For instance: “Zoom to Earth, did you know 71% of Earth’s surface is water?” and “Blast off to Neptune, the furthest planet from the sun.”

The Space Crusade is an excellent educational game that offers numerous language and math benefits. It is a great tool for improving math language and math fluency for numbers <10, one to one number correspondence, turn-taking, and gaining some new space knowledge! It’s a perfect addition to any family game night or classroom learning activity.

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