Save up to 50% on toys at Walmart, including a Barbie Dream Camper for $64

Little girl playing with Barbie Dream Camper

Still looking for the perfect gift for the kids in your life? As of Dec. 7, here are our picks for the best toy deals at Walmart:

  • BEST BARBIE DEAL: The Barbie Dream Camper playset features seven play areas, a sheet of bumper stickers, and 60 accessories — $64 $99.99 (save $35.99) 

  • BEST ACTION FIGURE DEAL: The Batmobeast vehicle and action figure set is a Walmart exclusive — $50 $99.99 (save $49.99)

  • BEST LEARNING TABLET DEAL: The Contixo V8-2 kids' learning tablet includes 20+ pre-installed games and educational apps, a durable case, and a screen protector — $59.48 $89.99 (save $40.51)

The holidays are a magical time filled with parties, food, and laughter — and many of us try to make it especially memorable for the children in our lives. Whether you have kids of your own, nieces and nephews to impress, or a godchild to dazzle this holiday, it's definitely time to nail down gifts.

If that sentence made your bank account quiver, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. To help you become the coolest parent, aunt, uncle, god-parent, etc., we scoured the internet to find you the best deals on toys to shop for this week. So instead of digging through piles of unorganized boxes at your local department store, you can sit back with a glass of wine while checking everyone off your gift list. Get cozy. 

Best Barbie deal 

Why we like it 

The Barbie Dream Camper is like a Barbie Dream House on wheels. This playset (for ages 3-7) features seven play areas, including a kitchen, dining area, sleeping area, bathroom, pool, slide, fire pit, and a den with a TV. It also includes more than 60 accessories, plus a full sheet of bumper stickers so your little road tripper can customize their RV to fit their style. 

Best action figure deal 

Why we like it 

Forget the Batmobile! The Batmobeast action figure set — based on Batman's world in the DC Comic Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book series — is a one-of-a-kind collector toy sold exclusively at Walmart. Designed to fit all McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 7-inch action figures, this hefty getaway vehicle is 17 inches long and 11.25 inches tall. This Batman action figure set also includes a collectible art card with a photograph of the Batmobeast and the character’s biography on the back. 

Best learning tablet deal 

Why we like it 

Contrary to popular belief, toys can be educational. For example, the Contixo V8-2 kids’ learning tablet includes 20+ pre-installed games and educational apps, many of which encourage children to use their math, reading, and problem-solving skills to get to the next level. This tablet also has a parental control and child lock feature so parents can choose what content their child sees and how much screen time they’re getting. 

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