Rhyming Bingo by MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom

Rhyming Bingo by MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom has an educational twist on a classic game. Rhyming is an essential phonemic awareness skill for pre-readers. Phonemic awareness is when children learn that words are made of sounds. This foundational awareness leads to reading and writing success.

Your new favorite Bingo game includes 6 double-sided playing boards, 48 object tokens that feature colorful picture and a canvas carrying bag, and plastic chips for covering your Bingo board. The “caller” randomly chooses a word token from the bag and says the word aloud. Players then place their plastic chip on any rhyming words.

Our early readers and seasoned readers loved this game. As a word was called out, for instance “king,” everyone began calling out rhyming words, including non-words, saying “ring, sing, ming, wing… etc.). It was great even for the kids that weren’t quite reading yet. It gave them awesome confidence to participate in this wordy fun game.

Peaceable Kingdom brings us another gem of a game that incorporates fun and learning. Rhyming Bingo reinforced learning of word families and continued teaching the sound of our language. Having a better understanding of these sound patterns can help prepare a child for reading and writing success. Our friends sure did have a good time playing this rhyme!

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