Recycling for Kids: 5 Ways to Learn about Recycling

It is never too early to start teaching kids about recycling. Children as young as elementary school can begin to learn about the importance of recycling and how it can help our planet. There are many ways to teach kids about recycling, and it doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of recycling games, books about recycling, and other recycling resources that can make recycling fun for kids.  

In this blog, we will run through five tried and tested ways to teach your children about recycling. By the end, you will have plenty of ideas for how to start introducing this important topic to your children!

1. Fun and Educational Books 

If your kids are of an age when they just can’t get enough of reading, then be sure to pick up some books about recycling. A high-quality recycling book for kids won’t just educate your children; it will also entertain them. The next time you snuggle into bedtime reading, it won’t be monsters you are vanquishing but climate change.

2. Recycling Games 

Children seem to have an endless capacity for game-playing. Instead of playing make-believe with Lego toys, why not look at playing some recycling games? We have two recycling resources available in our Free Resources Hub, one cut and stick game and one cut and place game. They are the ideal option for children who are old enough to learn about recycling but not quite old enough to take the trash out on their own. Recycling for kids has never been so fun!

3. Upcycling and DIY Projects

Recycling doesn’t necessarily mean putting a used item in the right bin. Sometimes it means reusing an item. If you’ve got some old goodies in the garage, then look at spending the day completing an upcycling or DIY project. Upcycling is just when you take an old, worn and torn item and then bring it back to life with some clever trickery. A DIY project can be anything your kids want it to be. Could you turn an old plastic bottle into a cute bunny pot? To get inspired, we recommend looking through a range of recycling project books that will keep your kids entertained for hours!

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4. Take a Trip

Kids love days out. So why not take a trip to the recycling centre? In all honesty, this can be a fun day out even if you are an adult. It’s pretty fascinating to see how they sort all the rubbish. You will have a recycling centre near your home, so call ahead to see if they accept visits. Some also hold family-friendly activities, which will provide a great way to learn in a hands-on way. You can find the nearest recycling centre here

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5. Part of the Routine  

Finally, remember that the best way to teach your kids is by setting a good example. If you’re a grade-A recycler yourself, then the chances are they will grow up to be the same. In the process, you’ll be doing your bit to raise the next generation of eco-warriors.

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