Mind Twisting STEM Toy of the Year Nominee Roto Brain #MegaChristmas21

I wanted to let you know about the recent 2022 STEM Toy of the Year nominee, Roto Brain. The Roto Brain 3D puzzle sphere is a puzzle game that encourages STEM development with its color-spinning multi-level challenges. Roto Brain encourages experimentation and critical thinking skills thereby helping children build the resilience and creativity to find the puzzle’s solutions. These valuable skills can then be translated to real-world situations. 

My kids love a challenge, and this gets their minds awake with excitement and activity that will keep them on their toes figuring out how to solve this mind twisting puzzle. It is so great to see when the kids put down their phones and tablets and do something educational and fun. They will love unwrapping Roto Brain and having lots of fun solving it. 

About Roto-Brain:

Our Mission & Vision: Build social gaming communities that will increase activity with fun nonstop on the go unique games.

Roto Brain, the latest toy launch from Creative Brainworks.  Roto Brain is a challenging 3D puzzle sphere designed to challenge minds from 8 to 100 years old.  This brainteasing puzzle enhances memory, critical thinking skills and tests consumer’s IQ’s.  Its endless color combinations keep users engaged and off electronic devices.  Roto Brain is the Rubik’s Cube reinvented!

Product Features:

  • Test’s IQ and enhances critical thinking skills
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Endless color combinations
  • Addictive, color-spinning and fidget challenges
  • Great for on-the-go fun
  • Perfect for ages 8-100
  • MSRP $19.99

  • Three levels of challenges with thousands of combination possibilities.
  • Patent pending technology to have a never ending puzzle with ability to reset each level’s combination.
  • IQ/Memory booster that is challenging and fun.
  • More than a solo player puzzle – set your combination and challenge someone.
  • Fidget, twist, turn and challenge your mind without the screen.

Roto-Brain is available for purchase on Amazon

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We have added Roto-Brain to our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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