Make Math SPOOKY with Halloween Multiplication Pixel Art!

Make Math SPOOKY with Halloween Multiplication Pixel Art!

Halloween Multiplication Pixel Art

If you’re looking for Halloween multiplication pixel artyou’re in luck!

I have a FREE one that you’re going to love.

Your math block just got a whole lot more fun 🙂

Grab this Halloween multiplication pixel art!

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Halloween multiplication pixel art

How does this Halloween multiplication pixel art work?

This pixel art is first assigned through an educational platform (Google Classroom, Teams, Edmodo, etc.).

As students correctly answer multiplication facts, a mystery picture appears!

If they answer a fact incorrectly, the box appears red and part of the mystery picture doesn’t appear.

No prep? Check.

Self-checking? Check.

Super, duper fun? Oh yeah… check.

By the way… if you need more Halloween ideas… make sure to check out my Halloween STEAM activity blog post. Click HERE to read.

math pixel art

Need more pixel art?

I have lots of pixel art available at Glitter in Third on TPT.

These are absolutely perfect for students to complete independently in centers, or with a partner.

Your students will be ENGAGED and MOTIVATED to complete their workrevealing the mystery picture is a huge gamechanger in getting kids excited about different topics.

Click the links below to check it out:

Need more Halloween resources?

Make sure to check out my Halloween color by number reading comprehension.

These passages are SERIOUSLY fun.

First, students read a Halloween-themed reading passage.

Next, students answer 4 comprehension questions about the passage.

As students answer questions, they are directed a color to color the picture based on their answer choice.

At the end, students have a completed mystery picture!

The passages are short and the picture to color is small, so they don’t take an entire class period to finish (this used to be my biggest pet peeve about reading passages is that they took FOREVER to complete).

Click HERE to grab them.

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