Japanese toilet piggy bank proves Japan has the best toys

Flushing money down the toilet has never been more entertaining!

Japanese children are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun and interesting toys and magazines, and this month, there’s a mag that’ll appeal to kids of all ages, including the young at heart.

Called Shogaku Ichinensei, which translates to “First Grade Elementary School Student“, this monthly periodical often includes free educational toys as an appendix, and the free toy for the February edition is…

▼ …a toilet piggy bank!

We’re no stranger to buying kids’ magazines when they come with impressive toys like this, so we picked one up at the bookstore to find out what the kids are learning about these days.

▼ When we took the toy out of its box, we found it needed some simple assembly.

▼ It was easy enough for a child to put together, and the Western-style toilet bowl was actually really well crafted.

The more complicated construction turned out to be the papercraft involved in the bathroom diorama around the toilet.

It wasn’t as difficult as some of the paper models we’ve dealt with in the past, though, so after around ten minutes of piecing things together we had this resplendent bathroom display before us.

Now it was time to test out the plumbing, by depositing a coin in the toilet bowl…

▼ …and pressing the lever to flush it away!

We couldn’t help but grin at the simple enjoyment it provided, and if we were a first grade elementary school student, we’d definitely be warming to the idea of using the toilet more often. Although kids might need to learn at some point that you shouldn’t try and retrieve your deposits like this in a real-world bathroom.

Another neat touch in the bathroom includes the fact that the toilet paper can actually be pulled out a little from the toilet roll holder on the wall.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because the kit also includes a special poop game for kids to try.

Simply place one of the cute poops on the cardboard launcher, then pull the lever back and release to send the poo flying through the air and into the toilet.

▼ Another thing kids should probably learn to not do in the real world…

The poop that lands in the toilet also tells your fortune, as the different colours indicate different types of luck. Plus, the diorama is reversible, so you can get hours of entertainment out of the cute appendix.

▼ A slightly more psychedelic toilet experience.

▼ So many hidden poops to be found.

This view of the poop kingdom with its poop towers and poop flag will have you imagining yourself as a piece of poo.

▼ Is this a window or a mirror?

We’re not ashamed to admit we had a lot of fun playing with this toy, and we’re impressed that children these days get to have such a fun and friendly introduction to what can be an imposing looking receptacle.

Learning about poop is a natural part of the growth process that Japan never shys away from, and for 1,000 yen (US$8.76) a pop, the February 2022 issue of Shogaku Ichinensei is a great purchase to invest in.

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