How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need


As an educator and/or parent, I am sure you have watched (with both excitement and trepidation) the accelerating growth of online learning, from its humbler beginnings to the challenges of pandemic education to the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) to learning in just about every aspect of our lives.

How are your kids handling all this non-traditional learning? I’ve seen some kids latch onto learning online as if it is a magical door into an ever-expanding world (the TARDIS times a million, if that is even possible!).

If your kids (or students) aren’t there yet, how do you encourage them to dive off the deep end right into the flow of technology that today affects us all? 

How do you give them the foundational knowledge they will need to succeed in these ever-changing technological times? 

It all starts with coding, of course. 

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need

But first, a why…

Why is it important for our kids to know—and feel comfortable with—technology? 

Technology is so utterly embedded in our daily lives that we don’t even notice it anymore. AI isn’t new, but the applications for using it are continually expanding and adapting. 

Anyone with a foundational knowledge of coding has the tools for lifelong success right in their hands. 

Why? In addition to coding being the underpinning of technology, this subject matter knowledge also provides you with a slew of truly important skills, including learning how to learn, analytical thinking, reasoning, creativity, and problem solving.

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need

All of these are crucial to participating in the global economy in a variety of careers, from the multitudes of engineering and robotics to software and hardware development to space and science to AI and (one of my favorites) gaming. 

The more kids understand programming logic and know how to write code (and continue to practice it and grow their knowledge base), the more they will understand the world around them—which, of course, informs and enhances their entire lived experience. 

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need

We’ve got a recommendation for you—an educational company we are completely impressed with:


This unique educational opportunity has been around for more than seven years (a seeming eternity, right?). The founder, Jey Iyempandi, was looking for ways to teach his daughter to code but couldn’t find a program that fit what they were looking for: online, with a live instructor, and online support – and age appropriate. So, he started CodeWizardsHQ

As an experienced online educational provider, CodeWizardsHQ has continually refined and built out their program to encompass an incredible curriculum, interactive platform, extraordinary educators, and a critically important community. 

The program runs throughout the year, and also offers classes in their summer camp, which was just named Trustpilot’s #1 best summer camp! (I’m particularly impressed by their Minecraft and Roblox camps.)

Of note: You don’t have to be a tech kid to start. Hop in, be genuinely excited about learning and building and creating, and you’ll soon be surprised by how much you know…and can do! 

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need

Here's how it works

CodeWizardsHQ notes, 

CodeWizardsHQ delivers the most fun and effective live, online coding classes for kids and teens ages 8-18. Our coding classes are designed to give kids the programming knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in a digital world.

There are three age levels of classes: elementary, middle, and high school. These coding classes are not stand-alones, but rather, are progressive, and structured to work in modules and add to each other; each core track for middle and high school consists of 12 classes (11 for elementary). Every class builds on the last one. By the end? Your kid will be able to create a whole website, game, or application from a blank page. The student retention rate is high…read on to see why.

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need

Class structure

With small class sizes (6-8 students), there is time for both learning and community building. The online format with a live educator is really special; the students grow and learn together, forming a community and bonding with each other and their teachers. 

The entire class time is marked with excitement, learning, a sense of fun, and creative engagement. It is really something to see! 

There are quizzes in every class; to move to the next module, students must master the knowledge and show it! There is plenty of support to ensure success. 

Classes meet for one hour a week during the year-round programs; summer classes are three-week accelerated versions of the twelve-week school-year courses.

Each curriculum is focused on three classes and a capstone project to showcase what students have learned and applied to a bigger project. There are three twelve-week classes for each core track (elementary (11 weeks, no capstone), middle, and high school age). Of course, if your kid has coding experience, there are placement tests to see where they should start learning next.

For high school-age learners, there is also a Python track, as well as an APCS Object Oriented Programming with Java class to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A course in high school. 

Additionally, by finishing the high school-age programming, students can participate in an internship where they practice real world skills as a developer (this is the only online coding internship I’ve ever seen). The internship students work together as a team to make something cool, functional, and interesting. It’s a great addition to a student’s resume (and college applications!). 

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need


Of course, this educational tech platform is gamified; learning should be fun! There are badges, incentives, and acknowledgements to earn by doing well in class and on your homework. Creativity is encouraged, play is welcome.

How Coding Gives Your Kid the Educational Advantage They Need


The small class sizes ensure that students learn with and from each other

There is a forum for students to interact, which includes homework help! There are student moderators as well as teachers available. This is an excellent opportunity for students to both learn and be a helper. 

The Educators

CodeWizardsHQ hires amazing educators—the top 2% of people that apply. They look for professionals with industry experience who have a fun and engaging teaching style. Educators are truly involved, working to make sure the students are learning and successful, while helping them to understand real world applications of the subject matter.

There is a great deal of support, evaluation, and training for the teachers; the classes are always improving. Most teachers are part-time while having a full-time developer position (or are part-time for summers; several educators are full-time. The instructors are much-loved, and students appreciate the continuity and support of having the same teacher for the year. 

Further resources for parents

Parents who support their kids know that their involvement is a key facet for improving educational outcomes. To that end, all classes have a webpage with the list of each lesson, what the students are doing, and homework. Parents are part of the educational team. 

Further resources for educators

Looking for coding instruction for your school? Never fear! There is an essentials curriculum that teachers can bring into their classroom to teach coding. Educators can use the CodeWizardsHQ platform, teaching tools, videos, etc., which all meet CSTA standards.

There is also a coding club for schools! Educators can utilize this fun curriculum for students after school. It’s an excellent tool for them to teach/learn about coding, and works in a variety of educational settings. 


Each twelve-week class is $447 (3 payments of $149). 

Want to try it? 

CodeWizardsHQ offers a 100% money-back guarantee after four class sessions ($149). You will have full access to the platform, homework assistance, and parent support. This is a good way to ascertain if these classes are a good fit for your kid. 

Discount code for our readers!

CodeWizardsHQ has generously offered a discount code for our Wandering Educators.

Use Wander25 for $25 off the first month's fees. Enroll here:


Can you tell we love CodeWizardsHQ?

Highly, highly recommended.



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