Get the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet at its Prime Day price and save 50%

amazon fire hd 8 kids pro tablet in purple and blue with white flowers in background

SAVE 50%: The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet is on sale for only $69.99 as a back-to-school deal at Amazon as of August 16. That's half off its usual cost of $139.99 and right on par with its Prime Day 2022 price.

If your little one is begging you for a back-to-school tablet, Amazon's Fire tablets are built especially for their destructive little hands. And as of August 16, you can save big on one of the best kid-specific tablets on the market: the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is a great choice for a first tablet for your elementary schooler, thanks to its durable case, curated Amazon Kids+ catalog of apps and games, and detailed parental controls. It's usually $139.99, but you can save 50% and pick one up for just $69.99 at Amazon in blue, black, doodle, or intergalactic varieties.

Just a notch above the Fire HD 8 Kids, which we love for kids under 7, the HD 8 Kids Pro is designed for little ones between 6 and 12. It's equipped with parental controls that leave room for growth, so you can ease them up as your child gets older and learns how to use the device more responsibly. You know, rather than just clicking on anything and everything that pops up.

Other selling points include its colorful, durable case that is nearly impossible to break, a two-year worry-free guarantee that gets you a new tablet if something does manage to happen to the old one, and a free year of Fire Kids+ (typically $4.99 per month).

Fire Kids+ is a subscription service full of curated, kid-friendly content. That includes thousands of apps, games, books, songs, Audible books, and educational content from National Geographic, Lego, and more.

If your kiddo's not quite ready for the Pro tablet, Amazon's back-to-school sale has deals on tablets for younger kids as well. Be sure to check out the full list of Amazon kids devices for heading back to school, which includes the Fire HD 8 Kids (as in, not the Pro), the Echo Dot Kids (4th Gen), and more.

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